Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional (CAIP) Meirc Plus Speciality Training

Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional (CAIP)

Why Attend

This course offers a comprehensive exploration into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically focusing on generative AI, large language models, AI governance, and MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). Designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, the curriculum is crafted to facilitate a deep understanding of AI's role in driving business innovation and efficiency.

Participants attending this course will be enrolled in the BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation certification, enabling them to become a Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional. 

Meirc Plus Speciality Training
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Course Methodology

Participants will engage in a dynamic learning environment, characterized by collaborative real world case studies, hands on exercises, and strategic discussions. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the Fundamentals of AI: Understand AI's comprehensive landscape, including generative AI and large language models, and its significance in modern business
  • Leverage AI Across the Business Value Chain: Identify and apply AI-driven strategies to enhance operational efficiency and innovation
  • Unravel AI Technologies and Algorithms: Gain insights into the mechanisms driving AI solutions, tailored for managerial understanding rather than technical expertise
  • Implement AI Best Practices: Learn the critical steps and methodologies for successful AI project management, including AI governance and MLOps frameworks
  • Build AI Competence: Assess and develop the essential skills and competencies needed to lead AI initiatives within your organization
  • Facilitate AI-centric Discussions: Engage effectively with both business and technical teams on AI-related endeavors
  • Craft and Execute an AI Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy to transform your organization into an AI-driven enterprise
Target Audience

This course is designed for senior, middle and high potential management who recognize that digital transformation and AI is unavoidable; and for those who understand that continuous improvement, innovation and disruption is part of doing business and want to be prepared and reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

In short, this course is for managers wanting to identify what AI can do for them and to drive Digital Transformation, rather than understand the technical methodologies of what happens underneath its hood.

Understanding of basic technology concepts such as data and cloud is helpful but not required.

Target Competencies
  • AI Best Practice Application
  • AI Change Management
  • AI Business Translator
  • AI Project Management

This course is certified by EXIN, a leading global certification body. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain the BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation certification, demonstrating their proficiency in AI fundamentals and readiness to spearhead AI initiatives in their organizations.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science
    • AI in a historical setting and combinatorial technologies
    • Human and artificial intelligence
    • Introduction to AI, concepts, narrow and general AI
    • Different types of AI, including generative AI
    • The thinking in AI: Machine learning
  • Advanced Analytics vs Artificial Intelligence
    • Gartner’s  ascendancy model
    • 4 types of data analytics
    • Analytics value chain
  • Algorithms without technical jargon
    • Supervised learning
    • Unsupervised learning
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Transformer and large language models
  • Data as fuel for AI
    • Structured and unstructured data
    • The 5 V’s of data
    • Importance of quality data
    • Data management and governance
  • AI and robotics
    • 4 rational agents
    • Intelligent agents
    • Robotic paradigms
    • Agents, robotics and reinforcement learning
  • AI opportunities
    • Successful use cases by Porter’s value chain
    • Successful use cases by technology
      • Natural language processing
      • Image recognition
  • Ideation of AI projects
    • AI funnel process
    • Several idea generation approaches
    • Prioritizing projects
    • AI project canvas
  • Running  AI projects
    • Machine learning life cycle
    • AI machine learning canvas
    • Build or buy decisions
  • How to transform to an AI ready organization
    • AI strategy and framework
    • Dimensions of the AI framework
    • Practical approach to assess AI maturity
    • Best organizational structures
    • Benefits of an AI Center of Excellence
    • Skills and competencies
  • AI, risks, opportunities, ethics and sustainability
    • Universal design
    • Challenges and risks, technology readiness levels
    • Ethical and trustworthy AI
    • 3 areas of sustainability and 17 UN goals

EXIN are a leading provider of ICT certifications globally. EXIN has supported professionals with several IT standards including ITIL®, PRINCE2® and ISPL. Currently, EXIN focuses on responding to modern market trends with certifications such as AgileScrum, DevOps, SIAM, VeriSM, Security, as well as, technologies including AI and Blockchain.
EXIN has certified nearly 3 million people around the globe. They support professionals in 165+ countries and 20+ languages.

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