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Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

"Always replenish the organization with competent professionals. Doing so makes succession planning a strategic reality rather than a wakeup call."

Mr. Simon Siksek
Meirc’s Founder
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No single definition exists for leadership. Try to find one, and you discover countless quotes on leadership, each reflecting a personal view created from one’s own experiences, situations, and circumstances. Leadership programs are merely a brief stopover and a valuable opportunity to reflect, learn, and plan before you embark on the next leg of your ongoing personal leadership journey.

The Journey

The Meirc Leadership Development Program is an In-company, phase-driven, learning and development journey, easily customizable to cater to an organization’s or an individual’s work style and business demands. Hence, the journey may vary in length from 1 to 6 weeks up to 4 to 6 months or more depending on the program requirements, staff availability, and scheduling constraints.

The Rewards

The Meirc leadership development program is a powerful and interesting journey on many fronts. Candidates will encounter an enriching, thought provoking, and rewarding learning experience while working with leading subject matter experts and facilitators with highly-established contemporary business skills and industry knowledge and applications. All of this is delivered through engaging discussions, practical case studies, realistic business scenarios, and challenging individual and group exercises.

Stages of Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

There are four key stages that distinguish the Meirc Leadership Development Program:

Stages of Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

1. Assessment

Pre-program assessment to gauge leadership development requirements

Stages of Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

2. Training

Structured training program designed to meet participant’s needs

Stages of Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

3. Coaching

Coaching to cement participants skills and expand their knowledge

Stages of Meirc’s Leadership Development Program

4. Final Evaluation

Project, examination, and post-program reflection on value addition

Each of the stages is fully customizable depending on the input received from the customer:

Assessment: Assessments can range from a single tool assessment to the fully-fledged assessment center, with the objective of ensuring an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s leadership development needs.

Training: With a rich portfolio of training courses based on modularized content, the design and customization of a structured training program is quick, efficient and a great fit with customer’s expectations.

Coaching: Coaching sessions can be conducted face to face or virtually and can range from 30 minutes up to two hours, depending on the needs of the participants or the organization, with the objective of cementing the knowledge and skills acquired and enhancing the newly discovered abilities.

Final evaluation: Evaluations can be in the form of a final multiple-choice examination, a work-related project (individual or team) or both, with the objective of ensuring a candidate’s ability to contribute to the value of the business organization once the Meirc leadership development journey concludes or comes to an end.

Levels of Leadership Development

Meirc is a firm believer in the vital role leadership plays in driving sustainable organizational success, and the importance of developing leadership qualities at all levels of the organization.

Meirc is more than pleased and ready to deliver leadership programs, from foundational to executive level. These programs are highly customizable based on the organization’s overall development needs.

Here we illustrate three programs to make it easier to understand what the Leadership Development Program entail, and which program to join, adopt or customize to further organizational and/or individual development needs.

The Foundational Level

At Meirc we fully understand the role leadership plays at all levels of the organization, particularly at the front line, where appreciation, motivation, proper feedback, engagement, etc...

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The Middle Management Level

Middle management plays a vital role, especially when driving strategic alignment and implementing new initiatives. Hence, a different set of leadership skills are needed as driving clarity around new corporate goals...

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The Executive Level

Executive leadership are best known for two crucial organizational roles. The first is on the strategic and operational fronts, where directions and strategic goals are set...

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Thoughts From Our Leaders

From its inception, Meirc fully understood the important role business leaders and managers play in developing and retaining organizational talent, as this is ultimately the foundation for a healthy work environment and robust business growth. Here are some leadership quotes from our leaders who made Meirc what it is today.

“Leadership is the ability to influence followers by motivating them to willingly achieve their organizational goals. It is the willingness to consult followers in decision making matters that affect them and solidifies their commitment.”

Image of Person
Mr. Ted Abdo
Ex-Chairman of Meirc’s Board of Directors

“Successful leaders adapt to their new culture and context; they learn from experience and adversity; and they are able to master the context in order to achieve their goals through hard work, determination, and perseverance.”

Image of Person
Dr. Farid Muna
Ex-Chairman of Meirc’s Board of Directors

“A Leader cares for his people, treats them fairly, motivates them to achieve and recognizes them when they do.”

Image of Person
Dr. Ramsey Hakim
Chairman of Meirc’s Board of Directors