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The articles published by Meirc have three things in common: they are pragmatic, up-to-date and straight to the point. No fat. No gibberish. By reading the articles relevant to your expertise, you will improve your knowledge base while staying at the forefront of the field. Please click on each article to read its full text. Alternatively, contact us and we will send you a print-friendly copy so you can save it and read it whenever and wherever you need

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7 Things to Consider Before Signing Any Contract

  Charles J. Tawk | Partner
  21st May, 2020

If you are about to sign a contract, whether related to a job, a property, or a bank loan, there are several things to consider for avoiding...

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HR as a Business: Insights Derived From the Size o...

  Fouad Awad | Associate Consultant
  19th May, 2020

Is there a best practice HR employee to total employee ratio against which you can benchmark your organization's ratio? What are the busines...

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A little Bit on Salary Cuts During the COVID Pande...

  Mohamad Jamil | Partner
  17th May, 2020

Let us face it, shareholders will not sustain high operating costs without revenue. In parallel, virtual communication platforms, digitizati...

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What Can Pandemics Teach Us About Cyber Security?

  Course Facilitator | Course Facilitator
  12th May, 2020

We are living in a world in which we have either embraced technology, or we have been forced to use it (an example being online banking). Of...

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Rethinking Performance Management

  Fouad Awad | Associate Consultant
  11th May, 2020

The current traditional performance management (PM) system is broken for two reasons. First, because of its underlying philosophy of evaluat...

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The Utopia* we Want versus the Utopia we Need

  Ibrahim Al Yafi | Partner
  5th May, 2020

Two colleagues were having a conversation and expressing their frustration with their organizational leadership strategy, or lack of, during...

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The Role of the Human Capital Function During the ...

  Mohamad Jamil | Partner
  3rd May, 2020

Let us start by admitting that we cannot anticipate what will happen to our businesses during and after COVID. Many speculate about the new ...

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Marketing Resilience: Fighting Back the COVID-19 P...

  George R. Khayat | Partner
  29th April, 2020

In the economic recovery from the pandemic, marketing—the link between businesses and their customers—will play a pivotal role. Planning...

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviors and S...

  George R. Khayat | Partner
  28th April, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is unexpected and unprecedented. Early this year, most companies were set to start implementing their 2020 plans when th...

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Financial Reporting Implications of COVID-19: In-D...

  Maroun E. Zgheib | Partner
  27th April, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought most industries to their knees. Vitor Gaspar, Director of Fiscal Affairs Department of the International M...

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