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Data Management and Business Intelligence

Forbes reports that data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire customers than their peers. A study by the University of Texas found that a 10% increase in data usability could increase the average Fortune 1000 company's revenue by over USD 2 billion. However, despite the potential benefits of data, businesses often ignore a significant portion of it. Forrester reports that 88% of data generated is overlooked by companies, leading to missed opportunities and costly mistakes when insufficient data is used.
Organizations have invested in their data management capabilities, big data, and analytics to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving field. To build a data-driven culture, professionals must understand the reasons for data management and business intelligence, their capabilities, infrastructure and support requirements, and global best practices. Meirc's Data Management and Business Intelligence courses, which cover topics such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Data Governance, provide participants with the opportunity to learn and refresh their skills across this field from fundamental overviews and use-cases to technical skills and global best practices.

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