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Certified Big Data Strategist - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

The need to embrace Big Data Strategies is critical and clear. Company leaders today feel the pressure to adapt and transform their organizations in the face of digital disruption. New and old rivals are using Big Data strategies to transform traditional organizations’ value chains, thereby gaining market share, squeezing profit margins and disrupting many industries.

Nevertheless, despite most leaders’ best efforts, and millions of dollars spent in pursuit of disruption through Big Data, the sweet spot of this Big Data disruption is still elusive for many. And even if the “what” is clear, the vast majority of organizational change programs (the “how”) fall short of their intended impact.

This new, hands-on, training course demonstrates a fresh approach for establishing a Big Data strategy and implementing a digital transformation program. With a balanced approach combining a different mindset and a new methodology, this course will help participants gain the knowledge and competencies to save millions of dollars, and years of work, driving digital transformation within their organizations in order to benefit/profit from Big Data.

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Course Methodology

This highly interactive course relies heavily on case studies, instructor-led discussions and assignments about organizational challenges. It also has gaming elements and gadget workshops that will make interaction and learning by doing the rule rather than the exception.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what drives the Big Data revolution and how it can create value for their organization
  • Apply best practice and lessons learned from leaders in different industries on how to successfully apply Big Data
  • Setup their organization for a better digital future by formulating big data digital transformation roadmaps
  • Understand the priorities of the first 90-days for a Digital Transformation leader
  • Act lean and agile in pursuit of Big Data objectives and drive ideas for new Big Data opportunities
Target Audience

This course is ideal for any member of staff who would be leading big data strategies, implementation or transformation.  This may include business leaders, IT, Supply Chain, HR, Finance department staff, or experienced big data professionals looking for the latest insights in Big Data and transformation.  This is not a technical course.

Target Competencies
  • Big Data strategies
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change management
  • New business models
Course Outline
  • Understanding the Big Data revolution
    • Introduction of value drivers for Big Data
    • Awareness of the technologies behind Big Data
    • Types of Big Data and their application
    • Trends in Big Data
    • Big Data success stories and understanding their business model
  • Big Data strategies
    • Classification of successful Big Data strategies
    • Value drivers for Big Data strategies
    • Lessons learned from industry leaders
    • Alignment of company strategy and Big Data strategy
    • Visioning: Big Data Strategy Canvas
  • From Big Data strategy to agile execution
    • Importance of agile in delivering Big Data strategies
    • Ideation phase: creating first successes
    • Scale-up: building the Big Data business case
    • From ideation to proof-of-concept and minimum viable products
    • The role of Service Design
    • Outsourcing and partnering options in Big Data
  • Managing digital transformation
    • Digital transformation framework
    • Big Data Maturity Model
    • Building the digital transformation roadmap
    • The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud and big data platforms
    • Exploring the AI toolkit
    • Orchestrating transformation across data, technology and people
    • Business development with new data services
  • Leadership challenge
    • The connected approach to change
    • Lean/agile working in support of digital transformation
    • Big Data and ethics
    • Winning digital skills and competencies
    • Future roles to drive digital transformation
    • Understand the mindset of digital disruptors
    • Creating a ‘fail often to succeed sooner’ culture
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