Passionately developing careers since 1958.
SBS Swiss Business School

SBS Swiss Business School

SBS is a management institution dedicated to preparing students for careers in the global economy. SBS offers programs which specialize in International Management, Finance, Marketing, and other fields.

SBS teaches state-of-the-art theory, immerses students in international experiences, and connects them to best practice in business.

SBS Swiss Business School has received institutional accreditation in accordance with the Higher Education Act (HEdA), is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Council as a University of Applied Sciences Institute (AAQ), by the British Accreditation Council as an Independent Higher Education Institution (BAC), by the accreditation association for business education (ACBSP), by the Specialized Accrediting Body for Business (IACBE), and is recognized as a national advocate and institutional voice for promoting academic quality (CHEA).

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