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Tourism Destination Management

Tourism Destination Management

Why Attend

This course is designed to provide an overview of the essential practices for boosting the global competitiveness of tourism destinations. It begins by examining the duties and responsibilities of governing bodies and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). Secondly, it highlights the significance of attraction factors and performance standards in the process of creating a unique brand identity for the destination. Lastly, it focuses on practical measures to reduce the negative impacts of mass tourism and enhance the overall visitor experience.

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Course Methodology

This dynamic course offers a well-rounded education that blends both theoretical and hands-on learning experiences. It follows an interactive teaching approach, incorporating engaging elements such as lectures, real-life case studies, group discussions, and collaborative exercises.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the significance of efficient destination management strategies and the crucial role of cooperation between the private sector and the public sector
  • Utilize various techniques to evaluate destination competitiveness and performance comparison
  • Establish a favorable destination image through strategic branding and positioning
  • Formulate plans for sustainable management of destinations and attractions
  • Implement proven methods to increase visitor satisfaction and trust
Target Audience

Managers, supervisors, and destination administrators who are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism management sector.

Target Competencies
  • Understanding functions and key players in the tourism industry
  • Defining the extent of destination management
  • Evaluating destination competitiveness
  • Crafting a unique destination brand
  • Creating tourism offerings
  • Assuring visitor satisfaction and experience
Course Outline
  • Destination management: Scope and structure
    • Basic elements of tourist destination
    • Pillars of destination management
    • Role of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs)
    • Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the tourism sector
    • Benefits of destination management policies
    • Attractiveness of tourist destination
  • Destination competitiveness
    • Factors contributing to competitiveness
    • Destination choice and competitiveness
    • Destination competitiveness assessment
    • Benchmarking destination competitiveness
    • Managing benchmarking outcomes
  • Destination branding
    • Branding challenges for tourism destination
    • Benefits of an effective branding
    • Targeted market identification
    • The brand-building process
    • Creating a branding identity
  • Destination management strategies
    • Product design
    • Product marketing and development
    • Carrying capacity determination
    • Governance and tourism management stakeholders
    • Destination and site operation
  • Quality control and visitor management strategies
    • Visitor management overview
    • Mass tourism challenges
    • Key perspective of visitor management
    • Visitor management actions
    • Visitor information management
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