Creative Leadership and Innovative Management Workshop - Virtual Learning

Creative Leadership and Innovative Management Workshop - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

Creative leadership and innovative management are key success drivers for organizations and individuals. Given the right nurturing environment and support, anyone in any organization can develop and harness these competencies.

In this workshop, you will learn how to develop creative leadership and innovative management in yourself and foster the same in others. The workshop is designed to address personal challenges and aspirations regarding this topic. Its ultimate intention is to provide individualized solutions that work for you.

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Course Methodology

The workshop uses a coaching-based approach to achieve its intended learning objectives. It also enhances learning through group activities, team exercises, and case studies.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Establish the link between good leadership, creativity, and innovation
  • Apply self-awareness techniques in preparing to unleash the natural creative inclination
  • Build the right environment that nurtures and fosters creativity and innovation in others
  • Use different tools and techniques to generate creative and innovative ideas
  • Translate inspiring thoughts into creativity through effective storytelling
Target Audience

Supervisors, managers, team and project leaders, and all individuals who need to adopt a more creative approach at work, whether to solve problems, develop new initiatives, or initiate and introduce changes. The workshop will also benefit anyone interested in recognizing and developing their own or a group's creative potential.

Target Competencies
  • Self-awareness
  • Leading people
  • Influencing others
  • Managing change
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
Course Outline
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership
    • What is leadership?
    • Types of leadership in the business world
    • Authentic leadership
    • Self-leadership and identity leadership
    • Misconceptions of leadership
    • Defining innovation and creativity
    • Intelligence versus creativity
  • Stimulating your Creative Brain 
    • Understanding your ego
    • Understanding emotions
    • Emotional reactions based on self-protection
    • Societal and cultural programming
    • The impact of habit on acting and thinking
    • Vertical development
    • Horizontal development
  • Fostering Creativity in Team Members
    • The right team member selection
    • Social Intelligence
    • Setting the right environment
    • Fear as an inhibitor of creativity
    • Capitalizing on mistakes and failures instead of blaming
    • Encouraging ongoing learning and experimentation
    • SBI feedback model
    • The principle of coaching in driving creativity and innovation
    • Dealing with resistance to change
    • Innovation leadership characteristics
    • Leading according to employee maturity
  • Creativity and Innovation Tools for Leaders
    • Facilitating brainstorming
    • Mind mapping
    • Lateral thinking
    • Random stimulation techniques
    • The six thinking hats
  • Storytelling for Leaders: a Tool for Inspiring Creativity
    • Definitions and keywords
    • Choosing the right story to tell
    • The five ingredients of a compelling story
    • The four types of stories in business
    • Planning and constructing your stories
    • The four elements of storytelling
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