Job Evaluation: The Importance of Communication
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Job Evaluation: The Importance of Communication

  May 21 2014

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How important is communications to any aspect of life. They are everywhere especially in work. What are the many things we think about at work? Money of course. The grade of my job. Of course. The job evaluation process and why does HR keep it secret. Of course. All of these are valid thoughts and important questions. So why do we in HR and management run away when faced with communications related to pay grades? Is it fear? Maybe? Is it a lack of knowledge? Possibly? Or, is it that the job evaluation system we use does not lend itself to an easy explanation? After almost 40 years in the job evaluation business in the Middle East , we at Meirc, feel it is mostly about two things. It comes down to:
  • The system itself is not easily explainable and therefore the communication of the results is full of misunderstanding.
  • We have experienced the misuse of this technique in the hands of the inexperienced and the destroyers.
What's are the things you can do to help in this communication process?
  1. Use a job evaluation system that is easy to understand, use and defend.
  2. train your managers in job evaluation, particularly in the use of your job evaluation system. Train managers in how to be responsible users.
  3. Use job evaluation committees.
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