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Back to Nature

  May 19 2020

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I suppose everyone will agree with me, even though my theory is not supported with numbers, that lately, the hours spent in front of screens, whether smart devices, laptops, or TVs, has increased tremendously. I have always been a fan of cinemas and the small screen was only a non-preferred alternative. However, due to the pandemic, I have been forced to forego my artistic desires and double my TV hours. “Back to the Future” was one of the movies that I watched again recently and it prompted me to compare the idea with the “Back to Nature” reality since we have been forced to return back, in one way or the other, to mother nature. “Back to the Future” is a 1985 science fiction movie where “Marty” meets his future parents. The idea of time travel has always been something that captivates many and to say the least, it fascinates me. “COVID-19” is a 2020 scientific failure that turned out to be a horror movie and till now its episodes have not reached the desired happy ending.

But did anyone think that a simple scientific misadventure will unleash the counter future travel and will let us finally understand what the environmentalists and nature activists have been desperately trying to convey to us for years? To cut a long story short, back to nature will be the only path to survive this ordeal and the following real-life events will somehow confirm my hypothesis:

  • The lockdown convinced us that many of our possessions and items are not essential to live.
  • People are now cultivating their lands and growing their own food after realizing that this is the right thing to do as it is healthier and cheaper.
  • Energy companies don’t have anywhere to store the oil and gas that they extracted and want to return their production back to where it came from because now, the cost of production is greater than the price they can sell at.
  • Family ties and get-togethers are back to life and kicking.
  • Despite the use of technology in many aspects such as business, commerce, and education, people long to return to the old days of direct dealing, face to face communication, and rapport building.
  • Before COVID-19, individuals were behaving as if the climate crisis did not exist. But finally, awareness is spreading, people are more environment friendly, and governments are convinced that they need to transform to a greener economy.
  • Essential supplies are now locally sourced which will eventually reduce carbon emissions and lower shipping costs.
  • Food waste is down, food habits have changed, and we have become more aware of what, and how much, we consume. Additionally, both women and men are spending more time in the kitchen cooking healthier food.
  • The lockdown has made us more caring individuals. I have witnessed more volunteering activities, people offering supplies, societies protecting their most vulnerable members, and humanity rising again.
  • Nature started its healing. Today, humans know the importance of preserving nature and appreciate it much more than before. This was confirmed by many of my connections when I asked them about the first thing they will do after finding a cure for this deadly virus. The answer of the majority was: ‘we will step out for a walk in the park.” Few wanted to go to the theatres, cinemas, and clubs.

There are many things to add. However, my greatest desire is that we can step out of this crisis stronger on many fronts. I hope that we have learned a lesson that we will never forget from this catastrophe. I hope that we have started to appreciate healthcare workers. I hope that we have begun to respect our elders. I hope we will honor those who have lost their lives by not repeating the same things that have led us here.

The scares of this era will remain just to remind us that by returning to the lap of mother earth and through commitment, cooperation, and compassion we once defeated one of the most ferocious pandemics.

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Charles J. Tawk


Mr. Charles Tawk is a Partner with Meirc Training & Consulting. Charles holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Training from the University of Leicester- UK and a Bachelor degree of laws from the Lebanese University. Charles is a senior certified professional by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM-SCP)-USA, a certified training practitioner (CTP™) from the Institute of Performance and Learning- Canada, certified in occupational health and safety from Nebosh-UK, and a registered organization development consultant with the International Society for Organization Development and Change (ISODC)-USA.