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ISM Endorsed B2B and Social Selling in the New Normal

ISM Endorsed B2B and Social Selling in the New Normal

Why Attend

In B2B sales, a consultative approach to selling is becoming more critical. That's because the way people buy has changed. Dramatically. With buyers controlling the buying process, trying to exert pressure on them does not work. It often backfires because, while the buyers want to buy, they want to be kept from being sold to. This course will show sellers the right way to sell face-to-face and how to use tools for social selling. By combining physical and digital selling strategies, sellers can do well and increase sales in either format. Add-on topics such as handling sales conversations, crafting sales stories, team selling, and using digital platforms to get things done are only a few items on the menu.

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Course Methodology

This highly interactive course uses exercises, videos, case studies, and self-assessments. You will be constantly engaged in experimental group and individual activities, allowing you to test and apply your learning immediately. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance the success of their business by selling with confidence and dealing with market challenges 
  • Use a disciplined sales process to foster value creation and excellent business relationships with customers
  • Harness the execution of the sales process to consolidate efforts and optimize sales results
  • Demonstrate professional skills and abilities in using virtual selling to reduce prospecting costs and increase their selling effectiveness
  • Apply best practices in B2B selling by understanding the critical role of social selling and its tools in the new normal
Target Audience

Senior salespeople and professionals with basic selling skills and concepts seeking a deep dive into corporate selling in the new normal to enhance their careers and meet market challenges.

Target Competencies
  • B2B selling process
  • Social selling  
  • Lead generation  
  • Virtual selling techniques
  • LinkedIn power
  • Sales storytelling
  • Mastering sales conversations 

ISM Endorsed 

Course Outline
  • B2B Selling in the New Normal     
    • Definition of personal selling
    • Difference between B2B and B2C selling
    • The application of the sales funnel in B2B selling
    • Critical sales competencies in B2B selling
    • Fixed versus growth mindset  
  • The B2B Consultative Selling: Features and Process    
    • The buying and selling process
    • The new five sales reps' profiles
    • Core and high performers by profile
    • Mastering the selling process
    • Auditing the selling process 
  • Zeroing In: The Main Phases in B2B Selling
    • Phase 1: Preparation  
      • Identifying the customer pain points
      • Targeting and filtering prospects
    • Phase 2: Contact  
      • Sales tools for generating leads
      • Mastering sales conversations
      • Creating sales stories
      • Preparing winning sales presentations
    • Phase 3: Maintenance   
      • Six simple steps to getting down to the best buyers
      • Building strong business relationships ​
  • Pivoting to Virtual Selling
    • The “New Normal” Selling Landscape
    • Setting up your virtual workspace
    • Mastering Interpersonal communication
    • Meeting management techniques 
    • The virtual selling checklist 
  • Social Selling in the New Normal
    • Definition of social selling
    • Four pillars of social selling
    • Steps for creating a social selling plan 
    • B2B social selling tools and applications
    • Unlocking LinkedIn’s potential for B2B sales success
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