The Leadership Masterclass Workshop

The Leadership Masterclass Workshop

Why Attend

If you take the time to examine what makes most leaders successful, you will quickly realize they all possess a set of skills which makes them stand out in almost any given situation. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, inspiring messages, and effortless follow-through, leaders excel because, like superheroes, they do most things better than most. In this masterclass, you will be exposed to a set of crucial leadership skills which will help you propel yourself upwards. Using an experiential approach, the workshop will provide you with the knowledge you need to acquire these skills and then support you in translating the theory to practice using a series of practical applications, all of which have been designed to help you become an effective leader capable of inspiring others with confidence and competence. 

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Course Methodology

The masterclass follows a BOT methodology; first, participants will be asked to Build their knowledge of each of the leadership skills covered in the workshop by analyzing several reports, articles, or case studies; next, each participant will be pushed to Operate the acquired knowledge by applying it within the workshop’s safe environment. Before leaving the workshop, participants will be asked to demonstrate how they plan to Transfer the skill they acquired (in the workshop) to the workplace most effectively. To accomplish this, the workshop relies on a series of mini-lectures, individual and group activities and a battery of tests and self-assessments aimed at helping participants bridge their competency gaps and improve their leadership repertoire.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Build and execute plans designed to enhance their leadership status through the achievement of tangible results
  • Communicate emphatically in all situations and use the power of written and spoken words to influence others and inspire them to action
  • Confidently carry themselves and behave like the role models they aspire to be
  • Show resilience in the face of adversity while overcoming trying situations with poise
  • Translate their skills to a set of habits and rituals crucial in projecting themselves as confident and competent leaders 
Target Audience

This dynamic 5-day leadership workshop is designed for professionals and emerging leaders eager to enhance their leadership skills and advance in their careers. Ideal participants are those who aspire to take on greater responsibilities within their organizations, including team leaders, managers, and supervisors. The workshop is particularly beneficial for individuals who seek to improve their strategic thinking, communication skills, and ability to inspire and motivate teams. Participants should be committed to personal growth and ready to engage actively in interactive learning experiences. The workshop is tailored for those who value collaborative learning and want to impact their professional environment significantly.

Target Competencies
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Self-awareness and Self-Management
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
  • Impact and influence
  • Emphatic communication
  • Inspiring and motivating others
Course Outline
  • Planning Like a Leader
    • Pre-planning requirements
    • The skeleton of a leadership plan
    • The Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of a leadership plan
      • Key Performance Areas (KPAs)
      • Core competencies
      • Organizational values
    • The linear relationship between performance, competencies, and values
    • The role of a leader in influencing values to achieve results
    • Potential weak links in a leader’s plan and ways to make them robust
    • Workshop application: How leaders audit plans and make them better
  • Executing like a Leader
    • Pre-execution requirements
    • Cascading the plan across the organization
      • The importance of the leadership pyramid
    • Leading the execution effort
      • Defining outputs
      • Criteria for effective results
    • The delegation versus empowerment dilemma: When to interfere and when to let things go
      • IDEALS: a leader’s approach to effective delegation and empowerment
    • The role of a leader in tracking and controlling a plan
    • The one-minute leader
    • Workshop application: How leaders can review execution in one minute
  • Communicating Like a Leader
    • The basics of communication for a leader
    • The art of speaking with assertive influence
    • Storytelling for leaders
    • Building a leadership message: The skeleton
    • Dressing up the message using the psychological ‘Rule of Three’
    • Emphatic finales and the art of the close
    • Workshop application: Drafting and asserting an inspiring message
  • Acting Like a Leader
    • Your leadership brand
    • Polishing and projecting your presence
    • Resilience and its importance in leading self and others
    • The six pillars of resilience: a self-assessment
    • Building your resilience: Tips and techniques
    • Workshop Application: The wheel of resilience
  • Living Like a Leader
    • Habits, routines, and rituals of exceptional leaders
    • Acquiring leadership habits: A challenging journey
      • Intention and its impacts on habits
      • Translating intentions to actions
      • Self-motivation and its role in sustaining actions
      • The importance of focus
      • Willpower and repetition: The icing on the cake
    • Lessons in leadership lifestyles
    • Workshop application: Summing it all up in your leadership IDP
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