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Motivating Employees in Times of Crisis - Virtual Learning

Motivating Employees in Times of Crisis - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

Leaders and managers have a highly critical role to play during difficult and uncertain times. How they treat, engage, and motivate their employees today will continue to resonate for many years to come. Hence, leaders and managers need different strategies and approaches when it comes to helping their companies and their employees get through the current crisis and be in  “get set-ready-go” or the “READY” mode when the crisis dissipates or is under control. This course is about motiving employees under difficult business circumstances and keeping them engaged, connected, and appreciated. 

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Course Methodology

This course relies on distance learning and facilitation. The course is delivered by leading experts with top skills in facilitating courses face to face and remotely. Facilitators will also employ electronic media in relation to course material (slides, workbooks), individual and team exercises/activities, session plans, and case studies. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze severity of existing circumstances and develop appropriate plans to manage them
  • Re-assess their leadership and management styles when operating in unusual circumstances
  • Evaluate individual and team performance and manage emerging challenges
  • Motivate and engage more effectively to encourage new behaviors and sustain productivity
  • Prepare for the post-crisis mode and for future recurrence
Target Audience

Leaders, managers, and supervisors who need to operate under mitigating circumstances

Target Competencies
  • Motivation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Managing and leading in difficult times
  • Virtual or face-to-face coaching skills
  • Virtual or face-to-face feedback skills
  • Managing performance goals in difficult circumstances 
Course Outline
  • Understanding the situation and its severity
    • Assessing the damage and getting the facts. 
      • Strategic goals 
      • Operations
      • Employees
      • Customers
    • Understanding and observing Critical Behavioral Factors
      • Anxiety
      • Resistance
      • Conflicts
    • Overcoming operational and behavioral challenges
      • The TAKE CHARGE formula
  • Adjusting leadership style to new circumstances
    • My leadership tendencies – A quick check-up
    • Staying calm cool and collected
    • The importance of the adaptive mindset
    • Stressing organizational culture
    • Engaging the heart and the mind
    • Listening and empathizing
  • Employee motivation in uncertain times
    • Sustaining motivation during difficult times
    • Issues with motivation during crisis or difficult times
    • Higher-order needs and intrinsic motivation
    • Establishing performance guidelines
    • Setting the right levels of expectations
    • The relevance of trust in difficult times
    • Solving motivation and performance issues
    • Establishing adequate working conditions
  • Guiding the team out of the crisis tunnel
    • Staying positive
    • The power of fact-based information
    • Overcoming dysfunctional conflicts
    • The positive impact of  teamwork
    • Returning to business as usual
      • Identifying things that we could have done differently
      • Incorporating the learning into the organizational system and procedures
      • Ensuring the entire team understands the changes and ready to execute
      • Communicating these changes to all affected groups
    • Recognizing hard work during a crisis
    • Stay prepared, stay adaptive, stay Ready – Get set – Go!!
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