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Meirc is certified to run workshops using Cesim’s web-based business simulation games. These simulations are considered state of the art online educational tools developed to improve participants’ understanding of various business concepts and help facilitate risk free practice of business decisions in a highly interactive multiplayer environment. The simulations integrate a range of concepts from various management related disciplines, including marketing, production, logistics, and financial decision-making. Hands-on concepts learned throughout the workshops are applicable to industries and businesses across the region. More than 100,000 participants worldwide have taken advantage of this dynamic way of learning, in disciplines like international business and strategy, marketing management, small service business management, and hospitality management. Participants on the Strategic Decision Making in Competitive Environments course offered by Meirc will have the chance to practice this highly interactive tool and receive a special certificate from Cesim after the completion of the workshop.

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In line with our commitment to excellence, Meirc offers a number of training courses preparing professionals for certification exams given by International Associations in areas like management, finance and accounting, human resources and compensation management, sales and marketing, quality, administration as well as project management.