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Change that Starts Somewhere

  Sep 19 2018

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

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Have you gone through a phase when you suddenly get this strong urge to let go of old habits, toxic people and pointless distractions that hold you back? When you want to get rid of things that remind you of your old self?

To me it happened naturally and unconsciously. It was an urge to do something to help me grow. It started as a minor change in my daily routine and ended up leaving a major impact in my life. It resembled an act of internal cleansing that eventually matured into strength, power and self-development.

A year ago I made a major shift in my career from events management to business development. But this career change was the result of a process that had begun much earlier when I started feeling preoccupied with the need to change my life. The first thing I did was to decide to change my personal appearance. This change was for me a tool of self-expression that would give me a sense of control over my job, the ability to break with my past and develop into the new me I was aiming for; so, I cut my hair very short. It was a radical statement, a symbolic breeze of strength that gave me an ‘I can do it’ mindset.

Now do not get me wrong, I loved having long hair, but it represented my old self. I wanted to leave behind and cut off all the connection with a self that could overshadow the new ‘me’. I wanted my short hair to scream: “I’m a different person now.”

My new haircut, symbolic as it was, gave me the power to shut down all the negative thoughts of “What if I fail” and replace them with “Yes I will succeed.”

I do believe that we all have the power to be the best versions of ourselves anywhere our decisions take us, but we need a clear starting point and a bold action plan. Here are my picks and tricks:

Once you decide to leave the old ‘you’ behind,

  1. Make a radical, symbolic change; a change that leaves an impact and reminds you daily of your intention to leave the old you behind. In my case, it was the haircut
  2. Use that change as a stepping stone for a major shift in your life (shift in career, new job title, or relocation to a new city)
  3. Build your network of contacts; the web of individuals within your new organization and outside of it who will gladly offer their assistance and support you when needed
  4. Knock on doors and be curious. Don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of support
  5. Learn from your mistakes, trust your timing and never stop pushing forward

And now, if you are ready to get unstuck and into action, I suggest you start somehair.

Written by: Rahaf Kobeissi – Meirc PLUS Specialty Training