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Meirc’s blogs are meant to be fat-free write-ups on topics which are of interest to our clients and web-site visitors. These blogs are useful when you wish to get an update on a field you follow or when you are looking for a bite-sized article that you would like to refer to or learn from. If you wish to enquire about our products and services, please visit our Contact Us page

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Digital Supply Chain Strategies

  May 17 2021

# Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Disasters have a knack for shifting the spotlight toward Supply Chain Management. The monstrosity that is COVID-19 is no exception, as evidenced in daily news headlines screaming “delivery disruptions”, “vaccine sh...

Why do leaders need to invest in employees Psychological Capital?

  Apr 8 2021

# Human Resources and Training

I am pretty sure you have heard or know something about human resources, or shall I say human capital as it is the trendy term now. Also, I am aware that you all associate human resources with the management of people w...

The Engaging Virtual Trainer

  Feb 21 2021

# Human Resources and Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business in many ways. These changes include the new norms of working from home while holding virtual meetings with clients and team members. Employee learning is als...

Goodbye Tony Hsieh

  Dec 6 2020

# Leadership and Management

I was devastated when I heard about the death of Tony Hsieh. For those of you who don’t know Tony, I can briefly say that he was an American from Taiwanese origin, graduated from Harvard University, a pioneer in e...

Implementing a Digitalization Plan

  Jul 13 2020

# Marketing and Sales

Digitalization is intensely affecting every single aspect of business and organizational functions today. The pace of change is impressive and digital platforms accommodating such changes are not an exception...

The Three Virtues of Admired and Effective Leaders

  Jun 4 2020

# Leadership and Management

This post highlights three rare leadership virtues that characterize most admired and highly effective leaders. We do not normally attach these virtues or behavioral characteristics to strong leaders in the busin...

Back to Nature

  May 19 2020

# Health, Safety and Environment

I suppose everyone will agree with me, even though my theory is not supported with numbers, that lately, the hours spent in front of screens, whether smart devices, laptops, or TVs, has increased tremendously....

Soft Skills are Really the Hard Ones

  Apr 20 2020

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

Surprisingly for some, in the age of AI and algorithms the demand for soft skills is increasing more than ever. Why is that the case? And in view of this increased demand, how can modern organizations equip th...

Paper versus Digital Books Quandary

  Apr 14 2020

# Communication and Writing Skills

Let me start this piece by renewing my vows to books, whether old fashion paper type or new digital ones. This love for books makes me believe in multilateralism. Because I learned to embrace lots of changes ...

Is Compensation Analyst a Proper Title for a Payroll Officer?

  Mar 31 2020

# Human Resources and Training

The majority of us are in lockdown thanks to this pandemic they call COVID19. Firstly, I certainly hope that everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Secondly, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn and share,...