The Emerging Manager: Roadmap for Professional Growth

The Emerging Manager: Roadmap for Professional Growth

Why Attend

This course is tailored for new managers or those transitioning to management roles. It focuses on the essential skills needed in today’s fast-paced and complex business environment. Participants will learn how to create value within their organization, effectively engage with internal and external customers, build essential digital skills, apply agile and innovative approaches, and develop trust-based team engagement. This course is designed to equip emerging managers with the tools and insights necessary to lead successfully in the modern workplace.

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Course Methodology

The course employs various training methods, including interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. It emphasizes real-world application and encourages participants to bring their experiences and challenges into the classroom. This approach ensures a dynamic learning environment that fosters practical skills and actionable strategies.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop value-creation skills to drive organizational success
  • Master the art of engaging with both internal teams and external customers effectively
  • Acquire digital competencies to lead in a technology-driven environment
  • Apply agile and innovative methods to enhance team productivity and problem-solving
  • Cultivate trust and foster team development through inclusive and empathetic leadership
Target Audience

This course targets newly appointed managers or those transitioning to management roles. It also benefits professionals in leadership positions who seek to update their skills with contemporary management practices and individuals aiming to improve their management competencies in a dynamic and digital-focused business landscape.

Target Competencies
  • Value-driven management
  • Customer engagement and relationship management
  • Digital literacy and agility
  • Innovation and problem-solving
  • Trust-based leadership and team development
Course Outline
  • The Emerging Manager and Value Creation
    • Understanding the role of the manager in driving organizational success
    • Driving value creation as an emerging manager
    • Building and communicating a compelling vision for growth
    • Leveraging innovation and change to enhance organizational performance
    • Implementing sustainable practices for long-term organizational health
  • Engaging Internal and External Customers Successfully
    • Aligning management practices with customer expectations and market trends
    • Customer-centric leadership: Strategies for building customer relationships
    • Using customer feedback to drive improvement and innovation
    • Adapting to changing customer needs and enhancing customer satisfaction
    • Cultivating partnerships to extend market reach and impact
  • Building Skills for a Digital World
    • Overview of the digital economy and its impact on management
    • Embracing technology and the digital age
    • Navigating the shift from traditional to digital leadership styles
    • Digital literacy: Understanding and leveraging digital technologies
    • Learning from successful implementations and lessons learned
  • Agile Management and Innovation
    • Introduction to Agile and Lean management principles
    • The role of agile leaders in empowering teams
    • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning
    • Case studies on successful Agile transformations
    • Integrating cross-functional teams to enhance organizational agility
  • Trust-Based Team Engagement and Development
    • Creating and nurturing a positive and productive team culture
    • Techniques for effective team engagement and empowerment
    • Developing talent: coaching, mentoring, and performance management
    • Building high-performing teams through diversity and inclusion
    • Encouraging accountability and ownership within the team
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