Microsoft Excel Essentials

Microsoft Excel Essentials

Why Attend

Microsoft Excel is the primary data analysis tool organizations use to manage, analyze, and visualize data. This workshop thoroughly explains Excel’s core functionality for professionals seeking to improve their understanding of this powerful software. From foundational skills to intermediate techniques, participants will learn to navigate the Excel interface, apply core functions, and create dynamic charts and tables. The workshop empowers attendees to transform data into actionable insights through practical exercises and real-world examples, significantly enhancing their analytical and reporting capabilities.

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Course Methodology

In this practical workshop, participants will apply different Excel techniques in real time to different sample datasets.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate Excel's interface and effectively manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Apply Excel formulas and functions for data calculations and analysis
  • Create and customize charts for visual data presentation
Target Audience

This workshop is ideal for professionals who use Microsoft Excel to enhance their proficiency in data management, analysis, and visualization.

Target Competencies
  • Data analysis using Excel
  • Data management using Excel
  • Data cleansing using Excel
  • Organizing data using Excel
  • Developing Excel charts

This workshop includes practical exercises using Microsoft Excel. Participants are required to bring their own laptops equipped with this software for the duration of the workshop.

Course Outline
  • Workbook and Spreadsheet Management 
    • Navigating the Excel interface
    • Entering, editing, and organizing data
    • Workbook and worksheet basics
    • Introduction to basic formulas
    • Relative and absolute cell referencing
  • Excel Formulas and Functions 
    • Exploring logical functions
    • Finding data using lookup functions
    • Working with date and time functions
    • Formatting strings using text functions
    • Error checking and data validation
  • Data Visualization and Analysis 
    • Creating and customizing charts
    • Building and formatting tables
    • Introduction to PivotTables
    • Conditional formatting for dynamic data
    • Exporting data and reports
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