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Excel Skills for HR and Admin Professionals

Excel Skills for HR and Admin Professionals

Why Attend

In this course, HR and administration professionals will learn to save precious hours from their daily tasks. We will provide participants with tips that will help them resolve in a fraction of the time the challenges they face when working on employee compensations, salary, leave, benefits and the like. In this training, participants will practice formatting techniques to convert data from different sources and learn to make the best use of the most important formulas for HR. They will create meaningful charts and diagrams, use logical functions, and link their spreadsheet to other worksheets and applications. Participants will also automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques and troubleshoot errors.

Excel tools enable us to be more productive and efficient. By attending, participants will learn to leverage the powerful features of Excel for HR, auditing and other HR tasks.  Explore the use of Excel as an audit and analysis tool, as well as, selected features that help prepare accurate reports.

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Course Methodology

This is a practical course with a multitude of hands-on exercises that HR and administration professionals will learn and practice in order to help them apply these time saving techniques in their daily work and to present meaningful information to management from day one.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply Excel reporting expertise in HR and administration by enhancing data slicing and dicing, data massaging, and data analysis skills
  • Use pivot tables and pivot charts to efficiently perform automated report writing and analysis
  • Develop operational dashboards including business KPI’s
  • Repeat tasks and generate reports efficiently by recording, running and editing macros
  • Acquire numerous tips and tricks that will improve working efficiency
Target Audience

HR and administration professionals, compensation and benefits professionals, HR reward and payroll professionals, HR managers as well as anyone who perform HR and administration functions in their organizations on regular basis.

Target Competencies
  • HR reporting techniques
  • Analyzing HR data
  • Data modeling
  • Integration with external data sources
  • Report structuring techniques
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Charting and visualization techniques
  • leveraging pivot table powers
Course Outline
  • HR reports
    • Listing reports with custom views
    • Preparing reports using pivot tables
    • Consolidation of data


  • Cells and name ranges
    • Creating name ranges for data
    • Using name ranges for values calculations
    • Creating names from selection command
    • Creating a 3-D formula
    • Updating name ranges
    • Editing name ranges


  • HR data formatting
    • Formatting numbers
    • Formatting dates
    • Conditional formatting
    • Avoiding duplication of employee records
    • Data bars for performance appraisal
    • Icon sets for job level
    • Color scale for employees grades
    • Greater or less than for earnings
    • Based on a formula
    • Setting warnings on residency expiry date


  • Automate HR repetitive tasks
    • Creating macros for HR reports
    • Using macros for monthly reports
    • Saving macros in personnel macros workbook
    • Assigning macros to quick access toolbar


  • Data calculations
    • Date and time functions for attendance
    • Working days
    • Years of service


  • Logical and statistical functions
    • Employee pay increase and bonus (paste special)
    • Implement HR policies
    • Statistical functions for HR data
    • Sumif / sumifs / count / countif / countifs / subtotal
    • Average / averageif / averageifs


  • Lookup functions
    • Vlookup and hlookup
    • Approximate and exact match
    • Index and match functions


  • Creating masters with data validation
    • Employee status, locations and grades
    • Employee designations, nationalities and departments
    • Date and number validation
    • Custom validation


  • Leave records and calculations
    • Is the employee eligible for leave or bonus? If function
    • Accrued leave
    • Leave taken records
    • Leave balance


  • Payroll and benefits
    • Payroll sheet and salary slips
    • Using attendance data to calculate payroll


  • End of service calculations
    • Computing gratuity
    • Computing cashable leave


  • HR charts and graphs
    • Speedometer chart
    • Performance against range
    • Spinner


  • Comprehensive exercises
    • Calculating gratuity
    • Salary increment calculator
    • Performance review scores
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