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Leading Digital Transformation

Why Attend

Digital Transformation is now an unmistakeable part of modern working life.  As organizations develop their own digital transformation strategies, it is essential that team leaders at every level in the organization are properly prepared to embrace those strategies and to add value through contributions of their own based on a greater understanding of what Digital Transformation is and how to successfully apply it in their areas of responsibility.

This course takes participants through an interactive four days covering all the key tenets of digital transformation. Participants will emerge from the course with both a personal development action plan, and a suite of tools to take forward in support of the digital transformation agenda within their organizations.

Meirc Plus Speciality Training
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Course Methodology

This is a highly interactive course which includes the use of group work, as well as individual and team exercises designed to build on existing levels of knowledge and further develop essential digital leadership skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and use a Digital Maturity Assessment Tool specific to their own organization.
  • Apply the concepts of Digital Transformation to a practical organizational challenge. 
  • Identify goal-oriented techniques and tools to build a vision and strategy for the future of their organizations.
  • Demonstrate principles of leadership and cultural transformation to work into organizational strategies, including self-identification and reflection techniques to drive future growth.
  • Utilize visioning, goal setting and planning techniques to set a business agenda towards their future business evolution.
Target Audience

Leading Digital Transformation is aimed at senior team leaders and managers within organizations who have the responsibility to implement strategic change and digital transformation within their organization.  This includes, but is not limited to, Department Heads and Managers, Transformation Leads, Program Leads, Strategists, Business Architects, Senior Change and Digital Professionals.

Target Competencies
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Goal-oriented Planning
  • Visioning
  • Digital Road-mapping
  • Transformational Culture and Leadership
Course Outline
  • Understanding the digital organization and your part in It
    • How digital is your organization?
    • Understanding who you are – what values drive you
    • What are the core digital skills?
    • What leadership and followership skills are required?
    • What is Digital Transformation?
      • Types of Digital Transformation
      • Types of Digital Transformation strategies
      • The Digital Transformation pyramid
  • Digital Transformation strategy and customer-centricity
    • Contextualizing ‘digital’
    • Customer-centricity
    • Components of customer experience
    • Front-stage and backstage service design (the internal vs the external “customer”)
    • Customer experience mapping
    • Empathy mapping
    • Proto-personas
  • Embracing Digital Transformation
    • Creating your Digital Transformation strategy (and/or creating a sub-strategy for your part in a bigger organizational goal)
    • Constraints, supports, opportunity spotting
    • Limits on development
  • Leading Digital Transformation
    • Understanding stakeholders
    • Digital Transformation project prioritisation
    • Digital strategy implementation planning
  • Making it all happen
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