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Ramsey S. Hakim, PhD



Dr. Ramsey Hakim is chairman of Meirc Training & Consulting. He holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the American University of Beirut, and an MS, MBA and PhD in operations management, all from the University of Houston, Texas, USA.


As faculty member in the College of Business Administration at Arizona State University, Ramsey taught management and quantitative analysis courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He also conducted research in strategic planning and served as consultant to a number of USA companies. Ramsey then joined S.O.M. Associates where he was involved in both consulting and training with a variety of firms in both the USA and the Middle East. As a senior associate, he participated in a special multiyear USA-based training project for Saudi Aramco. Ramsey’s professional experience also includes working for Snap-on-Tools, Inc. in the USA and for 3M Co. in Lebanon. He has been with Meirc since 1983 as partner, trainer and consultant. For many years, Ramsey led a team of Meirc consultants involved as advisors and facilitators for Pepsi-Cola International. He also served as managing director of Meirc from 1998 until 2010 and was instrumental in guiding Meirc towards the successful achievement of its main strategic goals.


Ramsey’s primary training and consulting interests at Meirc focus on strategic planning and the measurement of performance. He is also heavily involved in training and consulting assignments focused on finance, marketing and operations management. However, as chairman, his imprint on every aspect of the company is undeniable.

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