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Good to Great Management: The Road Ahead - Virtual Learning

Good to Great Management: The Road Ahead - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

What really distinguishes a good organization from a great one is its performance in tough times. Great organizations maintain a growth pattern even when the economy is down, competition is fierce, and the market is slow. Studies of great and not-so-great organizations have allowed us to identify the attributes of the great ones. These attributes revolve mainly around leadership, organizational culture, strategic choices, adaptability, and people attitude. Join us in this truth-revealing workshop to be able to lead your organization along the path of greatness. 

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Course Methodology

This is a course rich with new ideas, concepts, and practical skills. It uses a combination of effective techniques that participants will enjoy and appreciate. The adopted techniques will include the following:

  • Short lecturettes
  • Case studies
  • Team exercises
  • Real life stories
  • Discussions
  • Video films

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the attributes of greatness within organizations
  • Adopt the leadership behaviors of humility and dedication
  • Balance strategic choices with people choices
  • Face any unpleasant organizational fact with faith of success
  • Promote a culture of discipline and technological agility suitable across different employee generations
Target Audience
  • Senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Section heads
Target Competencies
  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Talent management
  • Adaptability
  • Organizational culture
Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • The indicators of a great company
    • The greatness principles
    • The enemies of greatness
    • The choice of greatness
    • The transformation from good to great - a bamboo syndrome
    • Case studies of some great companies (and why they aren't great anymore)
  • Leadership in great companies
    • Level 5 leadership pyramid
    • Humility - the X factor of great leadership
    • The will beyond your will
    • Difference between Level 4 and Level 5 Leaders
    • Finding your leadership WHY
    • The window and the mirror analogy
    • The multiplicative impact of great leaders
    • Some of the best CEOs of the world
    • Assessing your organization's leadership
  • Strategic choices and people choices
    • Hiring only the right people
    • The cost of bad hires
    • The clean-up: how to deal with not-so-great employees
    • The character and abilities of the 'right' people
    • Hiring for a cultural fit
    • What comes first: the people or the path
    • The Google model - recruitment vs. training
  • Truthful leadership
    • The courage to face bad news
    • A culture of integrity and transparency
    • To whom you should listen and where you should seek information
    • The faith vs. facts paradox
    • Data-driven leadership
    • Demotivating the right people
    • The three dimensions of great organizations and great people
      • Passion
      • Talent
      • Money
    • The greatness council
      • Who are the greatness council members
      • The role of the greatness council
  • Discipline and technological agility
    • The definition of organizational discipline
    • Balancing discipline with intrapreneurship spirit
    • The good-to-great matrix of organizational discipline
    • The disciplined freedom - developing a 'stop doing' list
    • Careful selection of the right technology
    • Avoiding the technology trap
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