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Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training - Virtual Learning

Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

Effective training is function of rigorous identification of training needs. This course aims at converting subjective decisions for choosing training programs to more objective decisions based on proven methodologies. Such a paradigm shift increases the value of the training department within an organization, ensure higher ROI on learning initiatives, and established a culture of learning for performance.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply internationally recognized methods for identifying training needs
  • Transform training needs into Instructional Learning Objectives (ILOs)
  • Develop training plans stemming from training needs analyses
  • Design learning tracks and personal development plans that satisfy the training needs
Target Audience

Training officers, specialists, team leaders, managers, business partners as well as line managers responsible for identifying training needs within their organizations.

Target Competencies
  • Training needs assessment and analysis
  • Evaluation of training
  • Training Planning
  • Instructional Design
Course Outline
  • The general framework
    • Reasons for identifying needs
    • Present and future indicators of training needs
    • Responsibilities of stakeholders
    • Obstacles of training needs analysis in organizations
  • Methods for Identifying Training Needs (ITN)
    • The four steps of needs assessment
    • Questions to ask during each phase
    • Data collection and data gathering methodologies
    • Quantitative and qualitative methods
    • Five methods for identifying training needs
    • Analysis of business plans
      • When to be used
      • Pros and cons
    • Performance management
      • When to be used
      • Pros and cons
    • Job description analysis
      • When to be used
      • Pros and cons
    • Questionnaires
      • When to be used
      • Pros and cons
    • Competency-based analysis
      • When to be used
      • Pros and cons
  • Linking training needs analysis with learning design
    • Significance of instructional learning objectives (ILOs)
    • Components and characteristics of ILOs
    • From ILOs to performance objectives
    • The 70-20-10 approach
    • Designing and developing personal development plans (PDPs)
      • Candidate involvement
      • Blended learning usage
      • Measuring PDP effectiveness
    • Levels of training evaluation
      • Levels defined
      • Preliminary evaluation information
      • Chain of impact between levels
      • Characteristics of evaluation levels
      • An overview of ROI
      • Evaluation matrix
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