eLearning Fundamentals and Best Practices - Virtual Learning

eLearning Fundamentals and Best Practices - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

eLearning has become a must in our market today and its adoption rate is rising exponentially. In order to design, deliver, or assess eLearning programs, tools, methods, and technologies, joining this course is a must for learning and development professionals who thrive to continue their learning mission using all the available resources while leveraging technology utilization and catering for the needs of their learners.

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Course Methodology

The workshop is designed to be interactive and participatory. It includes various pedagogical tools to enable participants to function effectively and efficiently in a multilateral environment. The course will be built on four pedagogical pillars: concept learning (presentations by the consultant), role playing (group exercises), experience sharing and exposure to case studies and scenarios.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate deep understanding of eLearning fundamentals
  • Utilize effectively the tools and technologies that allow successful eLearning experience
  • Assess eLearning programs based on design and delivery rigorous criteria
  • Engage e-Learners effectively through blended learning approaches
Target Audience

Training professionals, L&D professionals, instructional designers, HR business partners, and talent development professionals.

Target Competencies
  • eLearning Delivery
  • eLearning Design
  • eLearning Assessment
  • Learning Effectiveness
  • eLearning Tools and Technologies
Course Outline
  • Fundamentals of eLearning
    • eLearning Defined
    • Synchronous eLearning
    • Asynchronous eLearning
    • Blended eLearning
    • 2020 Studies on benefits and limitations of eLearning
    • GCC focused analysis of eLearning adoption
    • Readiness for eLearning
      • The technology
      • The security
      • The learner
    • A comparison of top asynchronous learning providers around the world
  • Tools and Technologies
    • Learning management systems (LMS)
      • Definition
      • Administration interface
      • User interface
      • Designer interface
      • Comparison of top 5 LMSs around the world
    • 2020 Platforms for synchronous eLearning
    • Engagement challenges of synchronous eLearning
    • Engagement challenges of asynchronous eLearning
    • How to prepare the user for an effective eLearning experience
  • Designing Successful eLearning Programs
    • Evaluating eLearning programs through the ADDIE process
      • Objectives
      • Media
      • Assessments
    • Assessing asynchronous eLearning user experience
    • Creating eLearning communities
    • Gamification of asynchronous eLearning
    • A 60-minute practical model for delivering synchronous eLearning
    • 10 amazing tools for boosting engagement
    • An overview of Jack Phillips model of evaluation learning and return on investment 
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Meirc is recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) as a Recertification Provider. This recognition implies that participants who attend any of the SHRM approved programs delivered by Meirc Training & Consulting will earn a number of Professional Development Credits (PDCs) which will help them maintain their certification in SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.

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