Managing Your Project During Crisis - Online Snippet

Meirc’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.


Every decade or so, the world goes through at least one major crisis whether it is a financial meltdown, political unrest or even worse such as a pandemic like the one we are experiencing in 2020. This particular crisis is unique because of the repercussions on many aspects including people, movements, jobs, initiatives and projects. Projects specifically are being impacted heavily in this crisis; some projects are being cancelled altogether, others being postponed or interrupted. Even for the projects that still up and running, the project managers have to work very differently and use unconventional tools to be able to manage their projects. In this online snippet, various tools, techniques and methods to optimize working under these conditions will be discussed which include best practices to work remotely on the project, applying agile thinking and practices when applicable, keeping an eye on the different risks that can affect the project negatively and developing and implementing responses to these risks. The objective of this snippet is to be able to deliver the project successfully despite the constraints that this crisis imposes on the project manager and his or her team.

Major Take-aways
  • Managing virtual project team
  • Implementing ground rules
  • Initiating daily stand-up meetings
  • Developing communication plan
  • Developing risk management plan
  • Apply disaster recovery plans


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