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Meirc Talent Tool (MTT)

Why spend hundreds of hours and countless amounts of money trying to identify talent in your organization when you can do so by answering a few questions while sitting in front of your own screen?

Meirc Talent Tool (MTT) is yet another innovative, no-frills solution by Meirc to help you identify talent and key positions in your organization.

About Meirc Talent Tool (MTT)

Meirc Talent Tool (MTT) is an innovative tool designed by the experts in Meirc to help you identify, measure and develop talent in your organization. Using the internationally known 9-grid matrix, and an intuitive methodology, the tool will help you evaluate talent, key positions and their level of importance in your unit or organization and assist you in charting a clear succession plan for each of these positions.

Meirc Talent Tool (MTT) has 3 main components: A Talent Identifier, a Key Position Identifier and a Key Position Prioritizer which, when used effectively, will help you engage your employees by enhancing their will to learn, develop and grow.

Talent Identifier

The Talent Identifier is designed to help you identify talent within your department/organization by answering a set of questions related to the following areas:



Key Position Identifier

The Key Position Identifier is designed to help you identify key or critical positions within your organization by answering questions related to:

Criticality of position

The ease with which position can be filled

Key Position Prioritizer

The Key Position Prioritizer is designed to help you determine the priority according to which, succession plans for key positions should be prepared based on three factors:

The criticality of the position

The status of the incumbent

The number and readiness of potential successors

4 Simple Steps

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Activation

Complete the activation by choosing a user name and a password.

2. Data Entry

Enter the required data manually or by importing it from an accepted format.

3. Evaluation

Perform the evaluation by filling the fields related to employees, positions or succession plans to get individual or organizational reports. All reports can be exported if needed.

4. Dashboarding

Generate the dashboard and reap the benefits.