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Sales Capability Development

Selling cures all ills, absolutely. But only if it is done correctly. Your salespeople are the backbone of financial performance and hence, their development is a crucial requirement. Like every other competency, selling is a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude. For salespeople to be effective, they will need to have the knowledge required to sell, the skills needed to apply that knowledge and the attitude with which they should conduct every sales transaction. Without this trifecta, effective selling will not take place.

At Meirc Training & Consulting, we have been helping organizations develop the competence and capability of their sales teams for decades. By following a structured sales capability development program, we help salespeople acquire the knowledge, develop the skills, and project the attitude needed to sell professionally. The process we use in administering the program relies on several methodologies which are designed to yield a high return on learning.

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In brief, the sales capability program comprises the following steps:

The Process - Explained
Sales capability pre-assessment

In Step 1, Meirc will administer a knowledge-based questionnaire for every sales team member, aimed at assessing 12 technical and behavioral sales competencies. The findings from the questionnaire will be reflected in a detailed report which compares the candidate’s capabilities to market benchmarks.

Para-selling behavioral competency assessment

In Step 2, Meirc will conduct a competency-based interview with each sales team member to assess non-sales behavioral competencies that may have a direct impact on selling. We call these competencies “para-selling competencies” and we select them based on the client’s needs. A post-interview report will be generated for each candidate.

Development of salesforce development plan

In Step 3, Meirc will analyze the findings from Step 1 and Step 2 to identify common areas of development for the whole team, fully aligned with the sales strategy of the organization. The result of the analysis will be reflected in a salesforce development plan.

Development of Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for sales team members

In Step 4, Meirc will identify the unique areas of development for each sales team member and incorporate them into their respective personal development plan.

Bridging of competency gaps

In Step 5, Meirc will ensure effective delivery of the plans designed in step 3 and step 4 and will work with the client on bridging the competency gaps in a manner that will guarantee the optimization of the sales force.

Sales capability post-assessment

In Step 6, Meirc will re-administer the same sales capability assessment questionnaire to compare and report progress of each sales team member.

The Deliverable

The deliverables from this project will be presented in the following form:

  • A detailed sales capability report highlighting the gaps for each candidate in selling and para-selling competencies
  • An aggregated salesforce training and development plan
  • A sales-focused Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each candidate
  • A detailed sales capability report highlighting the progress of each candidate in selling and para-selling competencies, after the completionof the intervention.
In preparation for our call

We strongly recommend that you have as many of the following inputs ready as possible:

  • Your sales strategy
  • Your ‘must have’ behavioral sales competencies
  • Assurance that the sales team members have successfully completed their product-related training interventions

The availability of the above will expedite the process of creating a custom fit proposal for your consulting need.

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