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Certificate in Intellectual Property (CIP) Meirc Plus Speciality Training

Certificate in Intellectual Property (CIP)

Why Attend

As international trade and business continues to evolve, the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) becomes increasingly vital. With new technologies and products relying heavily on IPRs, governments around the world are competing to offer higher levels of protection in order to attract investments and promote local innovation and production. Due to the complex nature of the scientific, economic, social, and theoretical aspects of IPRs, it is crucial for entities to have a comprehensive understanding of these issues.

During this course, through practical workshops, case studies and expert knowledge, participants will gain an understanding of the concepts, theories, legislative and practical elements necessary to develop a successful IP strategy for their organization.

Meirc Plus Speciality Training
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Course Methodology

In this interactive training course participants will frequently work in pairs as well as in larger groups to complete exercises, and regional and international case studies

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical background of Intellectual Property (IP) and the various types of IP existence
  • Understand the international and local set of conventions and laws governing IPRs
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of the conditions that should exist in each type of IPR, their registration, licensing and enforcement
  • Apply knowledge of IPRs in all legal fields including contracts and litigation
  • Participate effectively in building a comprehensive IP strategy for their organization
Target Audience

This course is suitable for professionals working in the legal and IP filed, including but not limited to; lawyers, in-house counsels, governmental officials, police, customs, health authorities, researchers, university lecturers, publishers, IP agents as well as researchers who are interested in having deeper knowledge about IP in the GCC. It will also highly benefit in-house councils who recently joined their companies in the GCC as it will give them all the knowledge needed to handle all IP issues within the region.

Target Competencies
  • General principles of IPRs
  • Trademarks, Patents, Copyright
  • Principles of IP Enforcement
  • Building IP Strategy

The Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department has introduced a Continuing Legal Professional Development (CLPD) programme to legal consultants authorised to practise through a licensed firm in the Emirate of Dubai.  We are proud to announce that the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department has accredited EMG Associates as a CLPD provider. In addition, all our legal programmes have been approved.

This PLUS Specialty Training Legal course qualifies for 4 elective CLPD points.

Course Outline
  • Introduction and basic concepts 
    • Types of IPRs
    • Main theories justifying IP protection
    • The role of IP in economic development
    • The role of IP in innovation and creativity
    • The globalization of IPRs protection
    • International conventions
    • Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the World Trade Organization
    • The GCC Cooperation in the field of IP protection
  • Trademarks and copyright 
    • Definition and types of marks
    • Scope of trade marks protection
    • Registration procedures and rights conferred to trade mark owner
    • Legal protection of trade marks
    • Subject matter and conditions of copyright
    • Types of protected works
    • Financial and moral rights
    • Fair use, duration of protection and legal protection for copyright
  • Patents and trade secrets
    • Patentable inventions and types of patents
    • Registration process  
    • Ownership and rights conferred to patent owner
    • Employer–employee inventions and legal protection for patents
    • Definition of trade secrets and confidential information
    • Elements of trade secrets
    • Utilization of trade secrets commercially
    • Legal protection of trade secrets
  • Building a strong IP strategy and strategic management of IPRs
    • Overview and basic concepts
    • Understand your business and your IP needs
    • IP audit and building the portfolio
    • Onward licensing (licensing process and contracts)
    • IP commercialization mechanisms and maximizing the benefits
    • Practical steps to building a successful IP strategy
    • IP valuation – your gateway to know how much your IP worth
    • Assessment of the IP strategy for further success 
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MPC certified courses by Meirc Training & Consulting are designed for those willing to challenge themselves and go the extra distance. Participants who fully attend an MPC course and successfully complete the test on the last day, will receive a Meirc Professional Certificate (MPC), in addition to the one they receive for full attendance. MPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

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