Certificate in Global Business Strategy (CGBS) - Virtual Learning

Certificate in Global Business Strategy (CGBS) - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses must venture beyond their borders and keep pace with competitors already embracing global expansion. This course investigates the distinct challenges and opportunities that arise from conducting business across national boundaries and demonstrates how organizations can formulate effective strategies to excel in international markets. Participants will be introduced to topics such as the international business environment, market entry strategies, cross-cultural management, performance management in global businesses, and global strategies for emerging markets.

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Course Methodology

This course uses hands-on practical exercises to enable participants to develop essential skills for global business strategy. Participants will work in teams to build their strategies and engage in group discussions and interactive activities to facilitate knowledge-sharing and the exchange of best practices.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the global business environment and understand its impact on business strategy
  • Evaluate different international market entry strategies and assess their suitability for various industries and companies
  • Assess the various performance management tools that can be used in global businesses
  • Align an organization’s vision, mission, and values to the global business strategy
  • Identify factors influencing global business strategy in emerging markets and recognize the impact of future trends
Target Audience

Professionals, executives, managers, and business owners who aim to expand their organizations' operations to global markets or improve their knowledge on how to take their business strategy to the international level.

Target Competencies
  • Analyzing global markets
  • Assessing global markets entry strategies
  • Understanding cross-cultural challenges
  • Managing performance in global business
  • Implementing global business strategy in emerging markets
  • Identifying future trends in global business strategy
Course Outline
  • Module1. Introduction to Global Business Strategy
    • Defining global business strategy
    • The importance of global business strategy
    • The global economic environment
    • Political, cultural, and social factors that impact global businesses
    • Technological and legal factors in global business
  • Module 2. International Market Entry Strategies
    • International market entry modes: Pros and cons
    • Factors to consider when selecting a market entry mode
    • The importance of strategic alliances in global business
    • Forms of strategic alliances
    • Selecting a strategic partner
  • Module 3. Performance Management in Global Business
    • Definition and importance of performance management
    • The role of performance management in global business
    • Factors affecting performance management in global businesses
    • Measurement systems and KPIs for global businesses
    • Performance measurement frameworks
  • Module 4. Global Business Strategy Implementation
    • Challenges faced during implementation
    • Key components of global business strategy implementation
    • Aligning organizational vision, mission, and values
    • The importance of effectively implementing global business strategies
    • Key success factors in global business strategy implementation
  • Module 5. Practical Applications of Global Business Strategy
    • Global business strategy in emerging markets
    • The impact of technology on global business
    • Global talent management
    • Environmental and social responsibility strategy
    • Future trends in global business strategy
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