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Job Analysis and Evaluation Workshop - Virtual Learning

Job Analysis and Evaluation Workshop - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

Any HR professional would agree that the job description is a fundamental tool omnipresent in each and every HR process. Writing a job description is both an art and a technique. In this workshop, you will learn how to conduct a thorough job analysis in order to write a comprehensive job description focused on the key result areas of the job. You will also realize that organizations pay for jobs not individuals; that is why, as an HR professional you have to use job descriptions to evaluate jobs objectively and determine their relative values to the organization. We will provide you with the principles of job evaluation and guide you in applying the Meirc job evaluation system which is widely used in the Gulf region.

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Course Methodology

This course follows a workshop style where participants will be working all the time conducting job interviews to analyze various jobs, writing the corresponding job descriptions and then applying the Meirc job evaluation system to evaluate them and grade them.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the basic principles of job analysis and evaluation
  • Prepare comprehensive job analysis interviews
  • Write clear job descriptions based on thorough job analysis
  • Defend the importance of job evaluation as a tool to guarantee internal consistency and fairness
  • Evaluate jobs using the Meirc job evaluation system
  • Justify the importance of the effective administration of job evaluation systems
  • Assess the job evaluation options available and make informed decisions on which job evaluation system to use and why
Target Audience

The target audience for this workshop includes HR officers, HR specialists and team leaders, as well as HR managers and HR business partners who want to sharpen their skills of job analysis, job description and evaluation.

Target Competencies

The targeted competencies in this workshop are:

  • Working with people
  • Relating and networking
  • Presenting and communicating
  • Applying expertise and technology
  • Persuading and influencing
  • Analytical thinking
  • Following instructions and procedures
  • Business writing
Course Outline
  • Introduction and overview
    • Organizations pay for jobs, not for individuals
    • Job analysis and evaluation as part of a comprehensive compensation system
    • The pervasiveness of the job description
  • Conducting job analysis
    • Uses of job analysis
    • Job analysis methods
    • Job analysis process
    • Job analysis guidelines
    • Dos and don'ts of job analysis interviews
    • Practical
  • Writing job descriptions
    • Organizational responsibilities
    • Writing the job description with the job evaluation system in mind
    • The key result areas approach for writing job descriptions
    • The language and format of job descriptions
    • The ultimate test for the effectiveness of the job description
    • Practical
  • An overview of job evaluation
    • Job evaluation defined
    • Job evaluation and internal consistency
    • The objectives of job evaluation
  • Job evaluation methods
    • Job evaluation methods: choosing the one for you
    • Simple ranking
    • Grade classification
    • Factor points systems
    • The main factor points systems
    • Choice of system
  • The Meirc job evaluation system described and explained
    • The system's seven compensable factors
    • The system factors explained factor by factor
    • Judgmental and non judgmental factors
    • The system guidelines
    • Sources of error in applying a job evaluation system
    • Key ingredients for evaluators
    • Practical
  • Administration and maintenance
    • Importance of job descriptions
    • Job evaluation policy
    • Confidentiality in job evaluation
    • The job evaluation process
    • Administration and procedures
    • Managing job evaluation through the committee process
    • Importance of communication in job evaluation
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