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Certificate in Internal Audit Report Writing - Virtual Learning

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On this course, participants gain a deep understanding of the key role played by audit reports in the realm of internal auditing. The course begins by emphasizing the critical importance of the audit report, offering insights into best practice, essential components, IIA standards, and report structure. Subsequent modules focus on improving audit reports, modern audit writing, the strategic use of executive summaries, and enhancing visual appeal and effectiveness through illustrations and figures. Participants gain practical skills in writing actionable observations, understanding their audience, and applying effective checklists while avoiding reporting pitfalls. 

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Course Methodology

This course is highly interactive with group discussions, case studies, hands-on practical exercises, and group activities being the core focus.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the audit report as a critical communication tool in internal auditing
  • Apply effective reporting checklists to enhance the quality and accuracy of audit reports
  • Utilize practical audit observations that focus on future improvements rather than past issues
  • Determine when and how to effectively use executive summaries in audit reporting
  • Explore new methods for presenting audit reports and promoting the audit function to various stakeholders, including the Audit Committee, the Board, and Senior Management
Target Audience

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of internal audit reporting and communication, making it suitable for internal auditors, compliance officers, risk managers, and other professionals involved in auditing within organizations.

Target Competencies
  • Report Writing
  • Writing procedures
  • Comprehension
  • Stakeholder management
Course Outline
  • The internal audit Report
    • The importance of the audit report
    • Good practices in audit writing
    • Essentials of a good internal audit report
    • Stages in report writing
    • The Institute of Internal Auditors (IAA) standards on internal audit reporting
    • The audit report structure
  • Improve your audit report
    • Reporting bombs - not seen until they explode
    • Reporting checklists
    • Understand your audience
    • Make a “Findings Sandwich”
    • The 5 C’s of observations
    • Peer review
    • Audit reporting
    • Major reporting failure
  • Modern audit writing
    • Writing practical audit observations
    • Focus on the future rather than the past
    • Passive vs. active style
    • The “So what” test
    • Techniques / points to keep in mind while drafting the Internal Audit Report
    • The 3 to 5 seconds rule
    • Alternative procedures
  • The usage of executive summaries
    • When and how to use them
    • Detailed observations, when do we need them?
    • Traditional reports vs. executive summaries
    • Writing executive summaries
    • Comparing executive summaries
  • The usage of illustrations, figures and visuals
    • Style and presentation
    • Format, layout and templates
    • The psychology of visuals
    • Reporting observations through graphs
  • Promotion of the audit function through reporting
    • New methods for presenting reports (meetings, memos, videos, etc.)
    • Follow up on reporting issues
    • Reporting to the Audit Committee, the Board and Senior Management
    • Flash audit reports
    • Reporting consultancy jobs
    • The root cause analysis


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