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Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting - Virtual Learning

Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting - Virtual Learning

Why Attend

This course covers the essential skills needed for finance staff to excel in their companies. From macro level management and financial overview to personal organization and time management, various skills are put into practice to help participants become more successful at the workplace.

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Course Methodology

Live online course where participants will be able to interact with instructor (video and audio), view slides, collaborate with others, comment on discussions, complete assessments, activities and case studies. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the relationship between the various financial statements
  • Explain the characteristics of 'delegation' and apply various personal organization management techniques
  • Evaluate skills and attitudes of finance staff and identify their communication personality styles
  • Practice some of the essential Excel skills to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Apply finance policies and procedures to add value and communicate effectively with other departments
Target Audience

Financial managers, financial controllers, finance department heads, chief financial officers, accounting managers, senior finance officers, accountants, finance staff and analysts

Target Competencies
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time management
Course Outline
  • The macro finance picture
    • Understanding the accounting cycle
    • The income statement
    • The balance sheet
    • Changes in owners’ equity statements
    • Cash flow statements
    • The relationship of financial statements
    • Functions of management
    • Elements of a vision for finance and accounting department
    • Effectiveness versus efficiency
    • Supporting the operating departments
    • Purpose of the finance and accounting function
  • Personal organization and time management
    • The new skills set
    • Delegation and priorities
    • Delegation characteristics
    • Rules of delegation
    • Handling meetings effectively
    • Maintaining clean desk policy
    • Managing your in-box
    • Peak performance time
  • Managing the finance function
    • Hiring the best people
    • Identifying recruitment criteria
    • Developing interviewing skills
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Fundamentals of communication skills
    • Personality communication styles
    • The attitude and skills matrix
    • Evaluating finance staff performance
    • Employee motivation tools
  • Key Excel functions and tools to enhance efficiency
    • Consolidating multiple sets of data
    • Applying control at the data entry through data validation
    • Reconciling accounts by using 'vlookup'
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