Leading Virtual Teams - Online Snippet

Meirc’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.


To lead virtual teams is to focus on performance and results, setting aside classical micro management approaches of monitoring attendance, punctuality, and organizational discipline. With more and more employees working remotely from home and away from a corporate environment arises a challenge of leading such remote employees to achieve desired performance results. Your role as a leader is amplified and is the trigger for the success of your team. Leading virtual teams has its tricks and techniques. The challenges of leading virtual teams are different, the environment is different, the priorities are different, the concerns of employees are different and so should the approach and your leadership style. We have designed this online snippet on leading virtual teams to equip you with an approach that will make you better prepared to step up and face the various new challenges while maintaining an eye on your team’s performance goals. As a manager or team leader, you will find the content highlighted in this online snippet as an immediate answer to many of the challenges you might be facing in leading your team virtually.

Major Take-aways
  • Developing a performance-based culture
  • Organizing and coordinating virtual team efforts
  • Building and maintaining trust at a distance
  • Balancing discipline and flexibility
  • Engaging others at a distance
  • Motivating distant team members


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