Meirc Training & Consulting introduces blended learning as its latest training offering.
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Blended Learning

Blended Learning @ Meirc

Meirc Training & Consulting introduces blended learning as its latest training offering. Combining both classroom and eLearning benefits, blended learning provides ample opportunities for participants to extend their education beyond the classroom.

Participants attending a public course with Meirc, can now continue their learning journey even after course completion. The blended learning experience is simple. The journey begins on the first day of any training course and, instead of wrapping up the learning on the last day, participants will be given access to an on-line learning management system to expand their knowledge on similar topics.

Access to the learning management system requires a username and password generated and provided by Meirc.

Blended Learning
Blended Learning

Why Blended Learning

  • Because learning happens anywhere and anytime
  • To experience a complementary training approach offered online
  • To complete your eLearning modules and print your well-deserved certificate

Convenience of eLearning

  • Employees can learn at their own pace, 24/7
  • Unlimited access to assigned eLearning training modules within activation period
  • Accessible on laptop, tablet or smartphone
Blended Learning
Blended Learning
Blended Learning


Classroom course followed by web-based experience

Blended Learning


- Engages learners by appealing to different learning preferences
- Extends learning beyond the classroom

Blended Learning


- Classroom course attended as per schedule
- Elearning attended at your convenience

Blended Learning


In the classroom and on the go!
Continue your learning journey on your PC, phone or tablet

Blended Learning


All participants attending a Meirc training course

Blended Learning


Three easy steps:
- Complete classroom course
- Receive eLearning access code
- Log into your account