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The articles published by Meirc have three things in common: they are pragmatic, up-to-date and straight to the point. No fat. No gibberish. By reading the articles relevant to your expertise, you will improve your knowledge base while staying at the forefront of the field. Please click on each article to read its full text. Alternatively, contact us and we will send you a print-friendly copy so you can save it and read it whenever and wherever you need

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10 Things to do While Self-Quarantined

  Hani Ramadan | Management Consultant
  7th April, 2020

Since the beginning of March 2020, every morning I wake up trying to figure out if what is happening is real! We are surely living an unpara...

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SxUxPxExR Performance

  Rabih Rizk | Management Consultant
  4th November, 2019

A formula to maximize your day-to-day productivity.Back in school, the maximum mark we could get was 100%. Bad news ladies and gentlemen: Sc...

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The responsometer – how collaborative your colle...

  Rabih Rizk | Management Consultant
  27th October, 2019

Allow me to start with a question. Can you name one profession that does not require communicating with others? I thought very hard about ...

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You, Incorporated!

  Jamal A. Said | Partner
  9th October, 2019

Many participants who join our courses do so for the primary purpose of improving their knowledge in a specific topic or honing a particular...

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From feedback to fast forward - SAC Model

  Hani Ramadan | Management Consultant
  15th September, 2019

In a more challenging and dynamic world, we all need to keep improving. Nowadays, if you blink, you lag behind! Constantly developing oursel...

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Happiness, a way of life!

  Ibrahim Al Yafi | Partner
  8th July, 2019

“I am a happy person,” she said. “I like everything about life. That’s why I do what I do”. Gabriella is the concierge lady I met ...

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Traveling: benefits beyond expectations

  Charles J. Tawk | Partner
  7th July, 2019

Traveling does not have just a single benefit; it can change one’s life physically and psychologically. There are many excuses, such as ha...

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The Secret: Innovation by Numbers

  Fadi R. Chahrouri | Partner
  27th March, 2019

I have yet to hear about an organization that does not claim to value creativity. Still, in most organizations the implementation of methods...

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Positive Psychology from a Believer’s Perspectiv...

  Charles J. Tawk | Partner
  18th June, 2018

Psychology has traditionally concentrated on resolving pathological problems. This was the reactive and healing modes of psychology where ef...

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The Influence of Human Factors on Risk Attitudes

  Ahmad M. Rashid, PhD | Partner
  20th June, 2016

Risk is inevitable in projects and there is no such a thing as a risk-free project. The question that should be researched is not whether th...

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