Motivating Employees in Times of Crisis - Online Snippet

Meirc’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.


Leaders and managers have a highly critical role to play during difficult and uncertain times. How they treat, engage, and motivate their employees today will continue to resonate for many years to come. Hence, leaders and managers need different strategies and approaches when it comes to helping their companies and their employees get through the current crisis and be in “get set-ready-go” or the “READY” mode when the crisis dissipates or is under control. This course is about motiving employees under difficult business circumstances and keeping them engaged, connected, and appreciated. We have designed this online snippet on motivating employees in times of crisis to equip you with vital skills to tackle emerging challenges with motivating employees in prolonged crises while maintaining focus on delivering results and working toward achieving organizational goals. As a manager, supervisor or team leader, you will find the content highlighted in this online snippet to avail much needed answers to many of the challenges you might be facing in motivating employees in difficult times.
Please note that facilitators may employ electronic media in relation to snippet material (slides, workbooks), individual and team exercises/activities, session plans, and case studies.

Major Take-aways
  • Enhancing motivation skills
  • Improving distant communication skills
  • Managing and leading in difficult times
  • Virtual or face-to-face coaching skills
  • Virtual or face-to-face feedback skills
  • Managing performance goals in difficult circumstances


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