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Competency Frameworks

Competency frameworks outline the behaviors that are essential to effective performance in an organization and form the basis of all people management processes. While performance goals and objectives describe what employees are expected to do, competency frameworks provide a common language for how employees should go about their daily work. This helps in managing and improving performance and builds a better, more effective organization.

At Meirc Training & Consulting, we pride ourselves for being a pioneer in helping organizations establish competency frameworks aimed at managing human capital in a professional and objective manner. The approach we use starts with a review of the organizational strategy, with emphasis on the extraction of core competencies and values. We then validate the extracted outcomes using the most suitable validation methodologies. Once the competencies have been validated, we retreat to the back office to write the behavioral indicators for each competency. This is followed by another validation process before the framework is given the final nod of approval by all stakeholders. In summary, the approach we follow is based on the following process:

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In brief, the KPI Audit process follows the 5 steps listed below:

The Process - Explained
Analyze organizational strategy with emphasis on extracting Critical Success Factors (Key Performance Areas, core competencies and values)

In Step 1, Meirc will analyze the organizational strategy in order to extract the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) which are then sorted into Key Performance Areas (KPAs), core competencies and values. This step is conducted in the back office by Meirc experts who specialize in strategy.

Validate extracted competencies and values using the most suitable validation methodology

In Step 2, Meirc will validate the extracted competencies and values using one or more (of several) validation techniques, such as Critical Incident Techniques, Repertory Grids, Competency Analysis Workshops and/or Surveys. The technique(s) which Meirc will utilize will largely depend on the organization’s size and its resources.

Determine levels of competence in the organization based on its strategy and hierarchy

In Step 3, Meirc will analyze the organization structure to determine the salient hierarchical layers which will form the basis for the number of levels in the competency framework. Once the levels have been determined, Meirc experts will conduct a benchmarking exercise to ascertain that the number of levels is in line with best practice failing which, Meirc will amend the levels accordingly.

Produce a set of behavioral indicators for each competency/ level

In Step 4, Meirc will retreat to the back office to start writing the behavioral indicators for each competency and value extracted earlier. Ranging between 4 and 5 (for each competency and value), the indicators will be based on Bloom’s Taxonomy while reflecting the nature of the organization they are being written for.

Submit draft framework to project sponsors and stakeholders for review and feedback

In Step 5, Meirc will share a draft of the framework with the project sponsors for their review and feedback. In the draft, Meirc will explain the rationale which led to the framework and the validation methodologies which were used to ensure the draft was fit-for-purpose.

Finalize framework and present it with guidelines to stakeholders

In Step 6, Meirc will utilize the feedback gathered from all parties to produce the final framework and then present it with guidelines to the project sponsors.

Explore the need for mapping competency-based job profiles (against existing JDs) and proceed according to stakeholder’s request.

In Step 7, Meirc will meet with the stakeholders to explore the possibility of mapping the existing job descriptions against the newly developed competency framework to produce a family of competency-based job profiles. In said meeting Meirc will explain the benefits of having such profiles and how they can significantly improve the various processes and deliverables in all HR functions.

The Deliverable

The framework produced by Meirc Training & Consulting will include the validated competencies which will be written according to the template shown below:

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We strongly recommend that you have as many of the following inputs ready as possible:

  • The current organizational strategy documents including the vision, mission and strategic goals OR access to the senior management team accountable for delivering the organization’s results.
  • The existing job descriptions (if available) and access to role incumbents and their direct supervisors/managers.

The availability of the above will expedite the process of creating a custom fit proposal for your consulting need.

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