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Career Coaching and Counseling

Career coaching and Counseling (CCC) is an activity that can help employees align their interests with those of their company, think in new ways about how to grow their careers, and provide guidance that is not addressed through performance and talent management systems. It can pave the way for transformation that will fundamentally enhance the company culture and drive progress.

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Traditional performance and talent management systems, along with succession planning, ensure that employees are in alignment with short and long-term organizational objectives. CCC is a fundamental component of a talent mobility system and an effective way of helping employees and organizations through transitions. It assists the employee to uncover what is good for his/her career in an organizational context. It fills a gap that performance and talent management systems do not tackle by teaching employees at all levels, from entry-level to executive – level, essential valuable skills that facilitate their organizational progress.

CCC also allows employees to link the dots between personally meaningful career objectives and company objectives to develop a thoughtful plan of action. It is particularly helpful for employees who need help to understand what matters most to them and to identify barriers that may exist, how to achieve results, and how to create accountability reaching a fast-track career development planning and execution.

CCC helps employees develop skills, build roadmaps to navigate internal career opportunities, and stay motivated and on track to achieve their career-related goals in line with the organizational framework.

Organizational benefits of CCC:
Improve employee satisfaction as by facilitating the transition of employees to new internal roles and has the effect of strengthening the overall company culture as employee satisfaction.
Create an HR value proposition. HR departments can maximize the ROI of their employees, enable their organization to become an employer of choice in addition to a place where internal talent can grow.
Improve organizational agility. When employees take ownership of career progression and learning skills with the help of career coaches, they will be always ready to confront futuristic challenges. The effects and outcomes of this process can grow quickly throughout the organization.
Maximize ROI in employees. CCC is part of the proactive tactics that can maintain the investments that both the organization and the employees have made in each other.
The Process - Explained

MEIRC Career Coaching and counseling methodology consists of 5 steps summarized hereunder:


This step entails a self-assessment to define the unique values of the employee, followed by a mapping of his/her competencies to see where he/she fit best.


In this step, the career coach will explore the employee’s career ambitions and options by developing a career roadmap that showcases a solid personal brand attractive to prospective positions. This is followed by a closer look at the employee's areas of interest, and several sessions to help him/her prepare for a work-related interview if needed.


Through the discussion with the career coach, The employee will identify his/her strengths and weaknesses and complete his/her career compass, along with a personal vision, mission, and manifesto.


This step will focus on learning how to build a network of supporters and people who will help the employee with referrals. He/she will also learn how to explore real and organizational career opportunities using a set of smart questions targeted at peers, managers.


The final step aims at helping the employee develop new habits and routines that will propel him/her onward and upward in his/her career.

The Deliverable

At the end of each coaching intervention, the candidate or the sponsor will receive a Personal Development Plan which will be based on the following template:

In preparation for our call

We strongly recommend that you have as many of the following inputs ready as possible:

  • The performance appraisals for the candidate for the past 2 years (if available)
  • The candidate’s training and development history (if available)
  • The willingness of the candidate to commit the time and the resources required to successfully complete the coaching intervention

The availability of the above will expedite the process of creating a custom fit proposal for your consulting need.

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