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Data Massaging in Excel 2013

1st March, 2015

Working with unstructured data; numbers, dates, and texts, can be a time consuming task. It is only when data is organized and structured that you will be able to prepare reports, perform analysis, and do reconciliations. Organized and structured, surely, easier said than done!
To leverage your excel experience and add value to your day-to-day activities, one MUST know how to “Massage” data. Doing so will eliminate the routine, periodic, and clerical work involved in Excel, I have been there, done that!
This webinar will show you, live, many of the best formulas, tools and techniques used to “Massage” data in Excel 2013. It will provide you with the tool-box allowing you to speed up data preparation, normalization and standardization.
The Webinar will demo the actual process of using Excel 2013, LIVE! No PowerPoints slides.

Presented by

Aiman S. Sadeq

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Aiman Sadeq is partner and deputy managing director of Meirc Training & Consulting. Aiman holds a bachelor of science degree in finance and banking and a masters in financial economics from the American University in Washington DC. Aiman is a certified public accountant (CPA), a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a CFA level II candidate, and a Microsoft certified application specialist (MCAS).