Meirc Announces the Launch of Its New Division “Plus Specialty Training”

Meirc Training & Consulting announces the launch of its new division “Plus Specialty Training” which will provide highly specialized and industry-specific public training using leading freelance subject matter experts, practitioners, and technical trainers.   It is critical for organizations to become a “talent magnet” and to create a steady pipeline of highly skilled people. Employee […]

What Makes a Good Trainer?

There is certainly no doctor’s prescription or even over the counter pills for making good trainers. There isn’t even a magic wand that could transform someone to a successful trainer instantly. However, there are a number of characteristics and perhaps actions that successful trainers do constantly whenever they are delivering a training session. We, at […]

Does Group Think Exist Within Your Team Decision-Making Process?

While a team working together can produce better ideas and decisions but, we need to be careful of “Group Think”. It exists when team members give in to pressure to conform to the team, suppressing their own views, ideas and worries resulting in everybody agreeing without any dissent. It happens when too high a price […]

Developing Future Worldly Managers

Great leaders recognize that in order to succeed in the long run, organizations doing business overseas must recruit, train, and develop a special breed of future multicultural and multinational managers. Traditional training and career development programs will not suffice; they will have to be re-examined to ensure that they are tailored to meet the needs […]

Job Evaluation: The Importance of Communication

How important is communications to any aspect of life. They are everywhere especially in work. What are the many things we think about at work? Money of course. The grade of my job. Of course. The job evaluation process and why does HR keep it secret. Of course. All of these are valid thoughts and […]