Engage, Develop, and Grow: A Simple Approach to Identify Training Needs for HR Professionals

Department heads often struggle with what training courses to choose or approve for their staff. Should it be a general course, a specific certification, or a workshop? What about how the knowledge should be transferred to the workplace after the trainee returns? To what extent changes can be accommodated? Will that contribute to learners’ motivation […]

AQ: Why It Counts more than IQ and EQ

By Samer K. Taher Managing Director - Meirc Training & Consulting   Forget your IQ and your EQ. If you are seriously keen on climbing the success ladder, the only question you should be asking yourself is how high is your Action Quotient or AQ? In other words, what percentage of your money-making time are you […]

Feedback: why most of us fail at It!

By Samer K. Taher Managing Director -Meirc Training & Consulting   It is ironic that one of the most used terms in management today is one of the most misunderstood. If you ask someone to define feedback, you will get all sorts of definitions with none, unfortunately, being close to half accurate. You have the […]

Workitis: A Modern Day Disorder

    By Samer K. Taher Managing Director – Meirc Training & Consulting   Fifteen years ago, a few days after I had joined my current firm, a senior partner invited me to his office for what he called “a real induction session”. Among the various lessons he taught me was one on something he […]

Volkswagen – Leadership in Crisis

    In the first half of 2015 Volkswagen (VW) overtook Toyota as the top selling automaker in the world. It is a feat to be proud of, especially as the German car manufacturer managed to achieve it three years ahead of time. I can imagine the celebrations, the high fives, and the pride on […]