Volkswagen – Leadership in Crisis

    In the first half of 2015 Volkswagen (VW) overtook Toyota as the top selling automaker in the world. It is a feat to be proud of, especially as the German car manufacturer managed to achieve it three years ahead of time. I can imagine the celebrations, the high fives, and the pride on […]

Human Resources: Two Simple Words Creating Great Confusion

    Two: In Numerology number 2 means modesty. While everybody stands in admiration of the control and decisions of number 1, it is number 2, the HR leader, who is the real power behind the throne. He is a consultant, an advisor and a partner, and number 1 relies on his clever and insightful […]

Characteristics of Trainers

  Aspiring trainers are often concerned with what it takes to be successful in their profession. Their thoughts often revolve around the identification of the characteristics of good trainers. Knowing those characteristics would allow for a thorough self-assessment and for taking the steps needed to reverse any deficiency. To determine the top characteristics of trainers, […]

Don’t Blame Time.

If you share my passion for history, you will remember this sentence: “peace is the right time to prepare for war”. I agree fully with this old saying even though it reminds me of humankind’s darkest periods, when racism or the arms race cast their shadows over civilization. Aren’t we all in a state of […]

How to Conduct Training Needs Analysis

  There is no secret recipe for conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). There are, however, important steps to consider and apply in sequence to generate a list of training needs that satisfies the organization on one hand (achieving its strategic objectives) and the individual employee on the other (gaining knowledge and skills).     […]