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Certified Internal Auditor

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Your Investment

Achieving this milestone requires investment of time and money. We count on you for allocating the required time. As for money, Meirc stands ready to support you with discounts and scholarships if you are eligible. Call us to enquire about financial support.

  • 1 - 2 years to complete the three parts, on average
  • Time limit of 4 years to complete all three parts
  • Candidates spend an average of 80 hours preparing for the exam for each part
  • We recommend that you start studying for the exam at least 2 months before its due date
  • To help you start preparing early, Meirc will provide you with access to training material once you register
  • AED 3,750/- per part (Including VAT)
  • AED 10,500/- full parts (Including VAT)
  • Includes
    • Study material
    • Live classes
    • Class refreshments and snacks
Details About CIA Exam
Parts Essentials of Internal Auditing Practice of Internal Auditing Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing
Topics covered
  • Foundations of Internal Auditing
  • Independence and Objectivity
  • Proficiency and Due Professional Care
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Program
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Control
  • Fraud Risks
  • Managing the Internal Audit Activity
  • Planning the Engagement
  • Performing the Engagement
  • Communicating Engagement Results and Monitoring Progress
  • Business acumen
  • Information security
  • Information technology
  • Financial management
Exam hours 2.5 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Exam format 125 multiple choice questions 100 multiple choice questions 100 multiple choice questions
Exam windows Flexible to schedule at any time, and can be taken in any Pearson VUE testing center
How to become CIA certified
  • Pass the CIA® exams
  • Complete the educational and work experience requirements
    Master's Degree (or equivalent) plus 12 months - internal auditing experience or its equivalent
    Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) plus 24 months - internal auditing experience or its equivalent
    Associate's Degree, A-Level Certificate (or equivalent) plus 60 months - internal auditing experience or its equivalent
    • Candidates may apply to the program and sit for the exam prior to satisfying the professional experience requirement, but will not be certified until all program requirements have been met
  • CIA candidates agree to abide by the Code of Ethics established by The IIA
Things you should know about the CIA exam
  • You can sit for any part of the exam at any time, no specific order to be followed
  • You cannot sit for the CIA exams if you do not hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, approved online by one of The IIA’s certification programs
  • The three CIA exam parts must be completed within 4 years of your application approval
    • If your eligibility expires, you lose all exam credits and you have to submit a new application, with fees paid in full
  • You’ll get your CIA exam results immediately after completing the exam while you are still in the exam center
  • If you fail part of the CIA Exam, you must wait 90 days before retaking it. However, you can only schedule the new exam date once your official score is published online
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can retake the CIA exam
How can Meirc help you prepare for the CIA exam

We are here to help you study at your own pace. Meirc offers multiple study options with one goal in mind, which is you passing the exam.

Live classes

Meirc looks forward to receive you as a participant in one of its scheduled batches, run by hand-picked subject matter experts, practitioners, and technical trainers in the field

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Self-study and access to study material

Meirc would guarantee providing finest books and backup learning tools to help you on passing the exam, even if based on self-study

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Meirc is willing to customize the learning experience to you and your team members right at your office premises, or in one of Meirc’s state-of-art training rooms

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Are you still unsure?

Deciding to earn the CIA® qualification can be a life changing milestone that require strong commitment, but which can take your career to the next level. If you are still hesitant, or unsure about how to proceed, one of our experts can call you and discuss the qualification that best fits your profile, or simply fill out our Qualifications Selector tool and we will email you our recommendation.

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