Leading and Managing Change - Meirc Webinar
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Leading and Managing Change

11th May, 2017

With the pace of change reaching new highs, managing change has become a strategic obligation for leaders and managers. This webinar touches upon the definition of change from an organizational point of view, and explores the strategic process behind it. In addition, we will cover the key competencies needed to manage and drive a change initiative and we will look at the importance of recognizing people’s feelings and concerns about change and learn how to deal with their inherent resistance to it. Join us on this Meirc webinar to further your knowledge about change, the different ways to address it, and how to lead and manage it successfully.

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Jamal A. Said


Mr. Jamal Said is a Partner with Meirc Training & Consulting. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and an master in business administration, both from California State University, Long Beach in the USA. He is also a certified training practitioner (CTP™) from the Institute of Performance and Learning, Canada.