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Mr. Ghassan Nakfoor is a partner with Meirc Training & Consulting. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Michigan State University with a major in business administration and a minor in economics, and a master of arts in human communication from California State University in the USA. Ghassan is also a certified purchasing manager (CPM) from the Institute for Supply Management in Tempe, Arizona and holds an adult education credential in management and behavior skills from the State of California.


Ghassan held several academic and managerial positions before joining Meirc. His professional experience includes teaching management, business writing, presentation skills, industrial psychology and organizational behavior at Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon. Prior to that, Ghassan managed the purchasing department at Micro Linear Corporation in the USA where he controlled an annual budget of 118 million US dollars and negotiated high-value contracts with international, regional and local suppliers. In addition, Ghassan was on the Micro Linear team responsible for the planning and execution of the ISO and total quality management programs. Ghassan also assumed the materials planner function with Intel Corporation, the world’s largest computer chip manufacturing company, at their main headquarters in Santa Clara, California. One of his main responsibilities included the management of their strategic materials inventory levels to ensure the continuous production of Intel’s key products that sold to its class A customers. Ghassan was also on the Intel team in charge of streamlining the operations between the various functions of the supply chain section which included materials planning, purchasing, warehousing, and distribution.


With Meirc, Ghassan capitalizes significantly on his academic teaching and his extensive functional corporate expertise which spans a number of activities in the field of logistics ranging from purchasing management, warehousing and distribution, to the strategic management of inventories and materials. Ghassan conducts a wide range of specialized training courses focusing on the areas of interpersonal communication, business and technical writing, purchasing and supply chain. In addition, Ghassan conducts courses in the areas of management, administration and behavioral skills as well as negotiation.

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