Traditional versus Agile Projects
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Traditional versus Agile Projects

  May 28 2019

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“Is there a standard project management approach that works for all projects? When should we use agile project management? Is agile project management applicable only for IT projects? What is the “right” project management approach?” These are some of the most repeated and confusing questions some project managers struggle with when they are first introduced to agile project management.

Typically, traditional projects follow the classical life cycle where the phases of the projects are completed in sequence and project managers use standard process groups to manage and organize project activities. Normally, traditional project management is better suited for well-defined large size projects, especially in mature industries such as construction. Agile projects on the other hand are more popular in more innovative and volatile industries such as IT and other knowledge-related sectors. In these sectors, the scope of the projects are not well-defined and their requirements are constantly changing.

Projects in industries such as oil and gas, government, banking, manufacturing and supply chain may use either the traditional or agile approach depending on factors such as type, size and complexity of the project, industry practice, and organization culture.

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Alaa R. Elbaz


Mr. Alaa Elbaz is a partner with Meirc Training & Consulting. He holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Kuwait University, a master of science in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Jordan, and a master of business administration, with concentration in management information systems, from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.