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Developing Sales and Marketing Executives For Peak Performance

  May 21 2014

# Marketing and Sales

How do you measure the impact of your Sales and Marketing decisions? Sales and Marketing people take decisions all the time. This might seem normal, but how would you evaluate and measure the effects of your sales and marketing decisions? If you don't, sometimes the output might turn to be catastrophic on profitability margins, the product/company image, inventory levels, etc. Universities have always concentrated at the under graduate and on the post graduate levels on scattered courses relevant to different arrays of concentration (accounting, finance, marketing, HR, etc). Rarely are the academic institutions who promoted the idea on how to think in a "transversal" way? For example: How can marketing decisions be measured or validated in financial terms? How can HR decisions contribute to improving sales revenues? In real life situations, this is all you need to understand and do!! Sales and Marketing Executives need to master two different disciplines to be able to manage in difficult and turbulent times. Besides your Sales and/or Marketing abilities, statistical and financial analysis, are vital tools to measure and implement different strategies, track your historical activities and monitor the present ones. Also, it will not be impossible to analyze trends and forecast for the future accordingly. You do not have to be expert in the said fields, but you definitely got to master some metrics relevant to these two disciplines. Otherwise, you will be managing in the dark... Lately, and due to the urgency and importance of the matter, our consultants have put up a program that combines both Sales and Marketing decisions with financial reporting. You will be able to identify your top current accounts, brands, and products periodically by volume, profitability, and percentage. Trend analysis by territories, sales reps, profitability, etc is on the menu too. You will be also able to build your own commercial model using Excel dashboards. With our new "Mastering Sales andMarketing Financials: Planning & Modeling Techniques" training program, you will have all the information you need to know at your fingertips. It will be a double opportunity for you to master Excel sheets and pivots. You'll be on the edge of your seat - not slumped down in it!!