What Does Being a Successful Female Leader Actually Mean?
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What Does Being a Successful Female Leader Actually Mean?

  Aug 29 2017

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I have spent the last three years immersed in delivering female leadership and empowerment programs around the world and I am constantly meeting women on the cusp of stepping into significant leadership roles. These women are looking for ‘the answer’ in terms of tools and techniques for becoming a successful female leader.

They are looking for a step by step guide for how to lead, influence and communicate, which many training programmes out there deliver. The problem is that these toolkits might provide you with a ‘what to do’ but they don’t empower you with ‘how to do it’.

I have been working in leadership development for 18 years now and it is my fundamental belief that true, authentic leadership comes from within. It comes from the strength of purposeful vulnerability when you step courageously into what is possible for you. It empowers a solution driven, limitless mindset and enables you to release from any fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Leadership is all about action in the moment. It is filling a leadership vacuum with a contribution that has integrity, is meaningful and provides structure to those that are following. No toolkit can teach you how to do this. I read recently that wisdom cannot be taught, people can share knowledge but wisdom comes from experience and this is what I believe is holding a lot of women back from leadership. The belief that they do not have the experience required to inspire and lead.

This is why we created The Successful Female Leader Program which is an opportunity for women to immerse themselves in leadership. We have created impactful experiences that enable us to see real, authentic behaviour in the moment so that we can provide coaching, feedback and insights that help to deliver significant behaviour change.

Our unique leadership philosophies help participants to understand that they are creating their world and inspire a mindset shift towards whole self leadership. Meaning that they are able to realise and unlock their full potential as authentic female leaders, empowering everyone around them to do the same.

My definition of a successful female leader, or any leader for that matter, is someone who believes in who they are and what they can offer and is able to fully utlise their skills and talents to capture the imagination and win the hearts and minds of those that choose to follow.

Our leadership toolkit is a great takeaway but on program we focus on affecting a sustainable change in mindset which in turn develops confidence and self belief, creating behaviour change and ultimately inspirational leadership action.

To be a Successful Female Leader you must first focus on what patterns and self beliefs are preventing you from stepping up. What are they teaching you and what can you learn from them to effectively engage with others in the future.

If you would like to participate in an exciting, impactful leadership journey with peers from your region or would like to discuss an in-house programme or coaching please let me know.

About the Author

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany is passionate about creating corporations and communities that are creative and compassionate as well as commercial and believes that by empowering leaders to authentically tap into both their masculine and feminine energies we can redefine social and business norms, unlock potential and ultimately create fearless cultures where effortless change will happen in the world around us.

She has also become an inspirational speaker, leading women's empowerment workshops, leadership summits and innovation think tanks towards social change. Tiffany has worked with the First Lady of Japan to create empowerment for women in Tokyo, has created and run summits at the House of Commons in London and delivered Ted Talks in Delhi and Tokyo. Tiffany was also the moderator and speaker for BOLDtalks Woman in Dubai and joined the panel of speakers at Accenture's International Women's Day in Abu Dhabi.

Tiffany has spent the last 17 years working and living around the world, connecting business and communities through award winning people and organisational development initiatives. She is Patron of the UN Committee and Global Change Ambassadors where she works with senior leaders, influencers and policy makers to support sustainable world change.

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