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Goodbye Tony Hsieh

  Dec 6 2020

# Leadership and Management

I was devastated when I heard about the death of Tony Hsieh. For those of you who don’t know Tony, I can briefly say that he was an American from Taiwanese origin, graduated from Harvard University, a pioneer in e...

The Three Virtues of Admired and Effective Leaders

  Jun 4 2020

# Leadership and Management

This post highlights three rare leadership virtues that characterize most admired and highly effective leaders. We do not normally attach these virtues or behavioral characteristics to strong leaders in the busin...

Liverpool Epic Comeback, What Can We Learn from It?

  May 9 2019

# Leadership and Management

Whether we like it or not, Liverpool Football Club exacted a huge revenge from its opponent and, as importantly, from its own mistakes, engraving a new chapter in their proud history. After trailing Barcelona by th...

How To Create A Personal Leadership Development Plan

  Mar 17 2019

# Leadership and Management

Good leaders are always working on improving themselves. As Henry Ford said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Effective leaders are sharpening ...

Building Connections and Expanding your Network

  Feb 28 2019

# Leadership and Management

Many of you might have heard the old saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Although for many it may sound right, for me and by the sound of it, it appears to solely emphasize “who you know” as the on...

Great Leadership Starts with Self Awareness

  Feb 6 2019

# Leadership and Management

To become a confident female leader you need to first become aware of the belief systems and patterns you are running that affect your ability to step into the leadership vacuum. We are hyper critical of ourselves and pr...

The Importance of Responsibility, Accountability and Respect

  Feb 6 2019

# Leadership and Management

Being a successful female leader and professional in today’s world means being able to take 100% responsibility for what we are creating and having the ability to learn from everything so that we can change and evolve. A...

About Leadership

  Oct 10 2018

# Leadership and Management

Lately I read a leadership book talking about two radically different types of managers. The first type drains intelligence, energy and capabilities from the people around them. These managers always want to be the smart...

On Organizational Leadership

  Jul 22 2018

# Leadership and Management

Should you ask anyone about the characteristics of an effective leader, chances are you will get heartwarming answers such as: visionary, good communicator, inspiring, knowledgeable, experienced, supportive and hon...

What Does Being a Successful Female Leader Actually Mean?

  Aug 29 2017

# Leadership and Management

I have spent the last three years immersed in delivering female leadership and empowerment programs around the world and I am constantly meeting women on the cusp of stepping into significant leadership roles. These wome...