Categorizing Tasks: Important or Not
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Categorizing Tasks: Important or Not

  Oct 2 2018

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When you feel overwhelmed by what appears to be plenty of tasks to complete you should prioritize them based on a common sense approach. Step #1 in this common sense approach is to determine the relative importance of each one of those tasks facing you. Over the years I have kept these questions in mind when determining the importance of any task:

  1. Will the task help me achieve my set objectives?
  2. Is the task part of my job description?
  3. Did my boss ask me to complete it?
  4. Will I receive a reward for doing the task?

A yes answer to any of the above questions would mark the task as important.

Notice that a major pre-requisite to enable you to prioritize is for you to have clear objectives. Whether personal or work related your objectives need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Yes, they need to be SMART. In addition, they must be written and visible. I recommend posting them on your fridge, adding them to your mobile, laptop wallpaper, around your office and any other place where you spend a considerable amount of time.

If you are employed, the importance of your tasks is determined by your job description and by your boss (questions 2 and 3 above). Your employer pays you for completing tasks as per your job description, and your boss would be happier with your performance if you were to complete the tasks, projects and responsibilities delegated to you or that you were instructed to complete.

Finally, the possibility of receiving a reward for accomplishing a task also determines its importance. Financial or not, being rewarded for completing a task is an indication of how important the task is.

Determining importance is step #1 in prioritizing. Stay tuned for step #2.

Written by: Jimmy Haddad - Partner, Meirc Training and Consulting