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Human Resources and Training Blogs

Meirc’s blogs are meant to be fat-free write-ups on topics which are of interest to our clients and web-site visitors. These blogs are useful when you wish to get an update on a field you follow or when you are looking for a bite-sized article that you would like to refer to or learn from. If you wish to enquire about our products and services, please visit our Contact Us page

The Art of Coaching: An Excellent Management Tool!

  Sep 23 2018

# Human Resources and Training

frustrating challenge many managers face is dealing with employees who perform their job without a feeling of ownership. The manager often feels perplexed by the employee’s lack of commitment toward his job even though the manager may have spent time and effort explaining every detail to the employee. A few years ago as I was visiting some relatives when a heated discussion erupted between a fath...;

The Formula for a Successful Team

  Sep 18 2018

# Human Resources and Training

I admit to having a personal fascination with teams. This started at the tender age of 7 as a player on the under 8s basketball team at my local school, and continues to this day in my corporate role as partner at Meirc Training and Consulting. Throughout the years my fascination centered on the perennial question: “What makes teams successful?”. My experience on teams, whether in ...;

On Strategic Human Resources Management

  Sep 5 2018

# Human Resources and Training

In the world of Human Resources (HR), strategically partnering with the management team has been a hot topic for the past two decades. The goal of this partnership is to provide the organization, represented by its top management team, with properly analyzed HR data and propose well-designed HR solutions that will aid the organization in making sound strategic business decisions. How...;

On Employee Relations

  Aug 14 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Do you feel you fit in? Do you feel you belong? These are two very important questions that organizations should ask their employees. But what does it mean to fit in? How is it different from belonging and why is it important for organizations to ask their employees these questions? Fitting in means a person modifying his/her behavior to satisfy the perceived norms or culture in a cer...;

Leadership Read

  Aug 13 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Lately, I read a leadership book talking about two dramatically different types of managers. The first type drains intelligence, energy and capabilities from the ones around them. They always need to be the smartest ones in the room. These are the idea killers, the energy stealers and the talent assassins. Those managers are trapped in their own ego, overpowering others and reducing the organizat...;

Adult Learning Principles in Action

  Jul 12 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Complying with adult learning principles while facilitating a learning experience is one of the puzzle pieces for a successful course. The other pieces of this puzzle are competence of facilitator, engagement of participants, quality of content, venue and tools used. The focus of this blog is to provide examples of the application of adult learning principles during a training course. The ex...;

On Employee Engagement

  Jul 12 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Without a doubt, engaged employees are more productive employees. They will deliver beyond what is expected of them for the simple reason that they feel they are doing what they want as opposed to doing what they are told to do. According to a Gallup International survey, in 2016 only 29% of employees worldwide were actually engaged. The survey also reported that 450 million USD were lost ...;

HR strategic planning versus HR functional planning

  May 28 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Human resources management is too big a subject to tackle in only a few words and it goes way beyond hiring, firing and training. I am not trying to define human resources management here neither will I emphasize its importance, however I will try to shed light on a common misinterpretation of two types of HR planning: human resources strategic planning (HRSP) and human resources functional planni...;

The Two Hidden Difficulties of Interviews

  May 2 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Even the most experienced interviewers agree to facing some difficulties in employment interviews. Overcoming such difficulties is key to selecting the most qualified applicant for a vacant position. I’m listing below what I consider to be the top two difficulties that I’ve identified based on my experience, whether interviewing candidates, hiring for positions, delivering training courses on in...;

Line Managers’ Role in Human Resources

  Jul 25 2016

# Human Resources and Training

Introduction: Two aspects are critical for human resources success: The presence of well thought-out human resources practices The effectiveness of the implementation of those HR practices which are, in fact, part of the duties of line managers. I...;