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Is Compensation Analyst a Proper Title for a Payroll Officer?

  Mar 31 2020

# Human Resources and Training

The majority of us are in lockdown thanks to this pandemic they call COVID19. Firstly, I certainly hope that everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Secondly, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn and share,...

What Is Learning and Development?

  Apr 28 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Learning and development (L&D) is a critical function of any HR department. The goal of learning and development is to build on and increase the knowledge and skills of your employees. Your learning and develo...

Blended Learning

  Apr 7 2019

# Human Resources and Training

“Blended learning” is a term being thrown around a lot lately. What exactly is it? On the surface, it’s pretty self-explanatory; blended learning is any kind of instruction or education that combines different meth...

Different Types of Training and Activities

  Mar 31 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Use this guide to help you select the classes, activities, tools, and techniques you’ll use to train your staff. First, look at the different kinds of training methods used by employers and organizations. ...

How to Select The Right Training Course

  Mar 24 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Recognizing the need for training is an important first step in ensuring an organization achieves and maintains success. But the real challenge lies in knowing which training courses to choose from in order to reap...

Learning And Development Strategy Outlines

  Mar 10 2019

# Human Resources and Training

It is virtually impossible to understate the importance of a solid organizational strategy. Developing one can take months — or even years — and should involve a thorough assessment of every facet of your company. ...

Learning And Development Trends

  Mar 3 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Corporate training needs are ever-changing and must adapt to a constantly shifting landscape. Technology, social trends and continued globalization are just a few of the factors that influence the evolution of the ...

Basic Element Of Training Needs Assessments

  Feb 24 2019

# Human Resources and Training

A winning human development strategy can be the key to success for your organization. A winning strategy, however, doesn’t just happen. It is the result of painstaking research — and that means conducting a trainin...

Guidelines To Design Your Training Plan

  Feb 17 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Maximizing the impact of your training effort can only be achieved if you develop an effective training plan. If done correctly, this plan will help you identify your training objectives and the training methods be...

Happiness and Positivity

  Nov 21 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Ever since the 1980s, organizations have realized the impact of employee morale on their productivity. Efforts were made, with varied levels of success, to ensure that employees’ satisfaction and well-being were catered ...